New User Sensor Day 7

Well the 1st week has been great no problems. Reset sensor this eve and it keeps on ticking… Today I put the Dexcom 7 to the test. I am a Lt. in the fire dept and caught my first house fire with the Dexcom. It work great I was able to wear it a see how my BG’s worked during the 2 hour operation. It worked without a glitch. I just place it inside my coat pocket in a waterproof pouch and check it every so often. I even had a few guys ask me how it worked out during and after the operation.and they where amazed. No tape problems either.
This is great I wish I had got it sooner.

Seeing the 1973 in your user name brings back old times for me. I was a paramedic in fire/rescue from 1973 to the mid 80’s.

Wearing your receiver under your bunker gear sounds great. I have a suggestion for the waterproof bag. Put it on a bright colored lanyard and alert your department medics to its presence. If you go hypo or mentally fuzzy, the medics will know to pull your lanyard and read the receiver to get how sweet you are. If you need to be sweeter because of an exertion induced hypo, one medic can make you sweeter while the other does a finger stick. I would hope your department’s medical control would buy into this special protocol for you.

BTW, my wife says of me “You can take the dog out of the street but you cannot take the street out of the dog!”

Be sure you rehab well on fire scene rotations.

I have been Firefighter/EMT since 1991 and never have a problem with a low.My guys never question my judgement because of the trust and confidence they have in me. When I started pumping 4 years ago I just set different basal during working structure fires vs. vehicle accidents. After a 20 minute bottle we rehab and after two bottles we are done. I usaully keep a one touch pen in my turnouts and the glucose drinks just in case I just threw a few away cause they where getting to go out of date and the paper had worn off. But no problems so far. You’d be surprised how your BG elavates after the first 15 minutes of a call. Adrenaline I guess. But I continue to do what works best for me so I can continue to do what I love.

Nice to hear your success so far. I am now starting my third year with the Dex. Over the past few weeks I’ve gone skiing, snowmobiling and played a bit of golf…all stuff that used to pose problems for me with fingersticking (I keep BG’s in tight control).

Be prepared that the Dex won’t be perfect. About 10-20% of the time you might experience problems. But on the whole, I predict you’ll be as happy as I am with it.