New Veo pump - whoop! whoop!

Hey just wanted to find out if any one else is on the Minimed Veo pump? Got it today, haven;t started pumping on it yet due to me needing smaller reservoirs (model 554 i got uses 1.5ml) - but I'm quite excited.

You'll see in the pic - CAPTURE EVENT is an option which will obviously work great for exercise logging, and the other big feature is it automatically suspends when your BG goes low (in conjunction with CGMS of course).

All in all, I'm stoked and can't wait to get the Carelink software next week too - I feel like a new diabetic! haha.

Also - according to the box - now I can snowboard! (though this might be abit tough in South Africa... ;)

ps. if the pics did not upload, check them out on my page.