New Year, New start, same problem

Okaym, sat at school finsihs my exams yesterday, so at the weekend i really needed to concentrate, so i injected, ew i felt revolting, like i could feel the weight come back on, feel the size of my wrists increasing, my watch didnt slide down my wrist like it used to. All i can think is in 8 months i will be in Newcastle at uni, i wont have to inject i can go for runs and do as much exercise whenever i want. I cant wait for the time to pass, it feels like its going to slow, and i know that im getting closer and closer to going for my next check up so i hope that i get hospitilised by then, or my mom doesnt want to come with me. Because this is my life, and my choice. I love the days i feel my clothes becoming bigger, and hate the days things just fit. My skinny jeans are baggy now, and i still feel overweight, at the gym i feel like the fat one in the class and that i need to work harder. My bestfriend (male) I have lost forever becasue he told me how i he felt for me and stuff happened, and how i felt for him and now he feels guilty and told me not to talk to him. He was the first person in a long time to say that i was perfect. And the minute he didnt want to talk to me i got worse again. Its like a drug you see, this illness, it eats away at you psycically and emotionally, i just want to be thin, but injecting and not eating as much and exercising doesnt do the job, so i have a better technique, dont inject and eat more, or thats how my brain thinks it works anyway. I have a lesson to go to.

Holly , I’m really concerned that you are exercising. If you are in DKA exercising can bring on a heart attack, seriously it nearly killed me for the same reason, Also please be careful of how long your not injecting for, I had a mini stroke when I was in my early 20s and had to repeat a whole year at uni.

I am new to all of this…my son was diagnosed last year. He was 285 and 6ft tall…he lost 100 lbs before we realized what was happening…I thought… .all the water and all the biking he was doing was what made him lose the weight…but eventually …he was too sick to bike anymore…and was a 13A1C and over 700BG at diagnosis and they could barely get an IV in him…when they took blood to test at the lab…it was TOO thick to spin and test…they had to wait till he was more hydrated to test it. IT literally was as thick as pancake syrup! If he continued the way he was he would have died. Right now he is having trouble getting regluated because he just left the honeymoon period …they took him off the pump because he would OVER correct and sometimes go low… HE felt sooooo good low that he would purposely try to get down to a low that made him feel europhoric…like a drug. So…kinda the opposite problem of yours. Now…back on MDI he is not happy. He wants his pump back… Both extremes…are exactly that… extreme and life threatening. He passed out and got a concussion and hurt knee… and that is part why he is back on shots. The are keeping him at a “safe” high and slowly bringing him to a better level. He wants it to go faster…he wants to be in control… but… you …him… you have to understand…every number under 70 and every number over 140…is NOT control…it is out of control. I respect you and my son with all my heart…and as a mom… I would yank out my pancreas and give it to him if I could… but I can’t…so the only thing I can do is try to help him though all the “literal” ups and downs of this condition. I wish you the best… I hope keep taking your insulin. I won’t nag… it won’t help you…or him…but…if you want to talk… talk. You are dealing with one of the toughest diseases someone has to deal with…and you are not alone.

You need to take your insulin exercise alone will not control your T1. take care of yourself please.

and your friend isn’t lost forever he’s just an idiot right now. that is his problem not yours. you go be healthy and great and he will wise up.

I know how you feel Holly. It’s so hard to quit doing it when you know you can loose weight so fast and eat whatever you like and not take your insulin. It’s really dangerous though. Please get help.