New Years Resolutions anybody?

I am making the same one I have made a few times already. Nevertheless this time I am going to stick to it. I am sharing this with you so I have social pack to follow through!
My resolution for 2009 is to be more neighborly in my neighborhood. I have lived there for fifteen years and I know one family by name.

I do not do ball related sports like baseball, drive a truck, cut my own yard or do home repairs so I do not have any neutral things to chat about. Enjoy the eve of New Years, I am spending it in Palm Spring Ca.

Yes,I have a New Year’s resolution.I am lowering my TTD in my pump to stop all low blood sugars.I have hypoglycemia unawareness.I have been a Type 1 for 23 years and have had alot of lows.About 3 times a week I will go below 3.5mmol.I am fed up with the lows and am trying to gain control.I received John Walsh’s Pumping Insulin and I the way they describe
hypoglycemia unawareness describes me to a “T”.I am very scared of complications and I know the feeling of having alot of ketones when an inset has failed and it is a feeling I don’t want to experience again.So my resolution is to have no more than 2 hypos a week.I know I can do it!

Hi Jim,
Happy New Year. I don’t like sports either, but I am happy to have you here.

I always tell myself I’m not going to make any resolutions so I don’t set myself up for failure…but…in the back of my mind I still have some resolutions.

Dear Renee. Amen this is what is needed. But last time I tried with a good plan I lost 10 lb but because I was so stressed out that I regained 20 lb . I cannot survive another big defeat of this kind 10 more lb and it is immediate death. So any ideas that you wish to share and have a lot of them but not sure were the defects in the plan were. Very poor sleep is one definite downfall, maybe over insulinating. Composition of the diet. Insuficent exercise. not gluing the lips with crazy glue. Any thoughts? Not stiking with the lousy metformin.