Newbie on Pod

OK, I'm new on a pump and have some restrictions: Medicare, and an A1c of 8.1 using Humulin R-500 (5 times more potent than U-100) My meter shows unit as if I was using 100, but I KNOW that I have to multiply by 5 to correlate my MDI doses. So far no major problems, BUT I never seem to get my BG lower than 150. I am really trying to be accurate or slightly generous with my Carb intakes (estimates) and it has increased my awareness of what my carb intake really is. I am also on a GF diet and a Low or No Acid Diet due to a case of 'silent GERD' or LPR. I see my educator next Tuesday and she will probably up my basal by a few units. I had a red, itchy spot under the Pod where the canula inserts the insulin, once off, the itching lessened but the spot remains. New Pod isn't itchy so good news there. I had only the 50 Freestyle strips that came with the PDM, and tried to ration them by using readings from my strange old meter: the readings were 40-50 points higher on the old meter and since 'ONE SOURCE' my supplier can't get me my new strips until the 23rd, I looked elsewhere.
ALERT!! found good prices on Amazon, check out the suppliers and prices, I am a PRIME member so there is no shipping charge and 100 strips are enroute now.


Hi, you should find many posts similar to yours here. Search around and you'll get a lot of ideas from folks with similar issues. As far as the U-500, your educator should have already done the conversion for you on your amounts and put that in your PDM. So you shouldn't have to worry about that. Let the PDM figure things out for you. Also, it takes time to get the right mix of everything, and small changes sometimes make big differences. You'll get there, don't worry.

Just a side note, Amazon's "Prime" service is not what you think. Log into another computer with someone else's Amazon account and you'll find that their prices on a lot of stuff is cheaper. Amazon raises prices for Prime users to pay for the so-called "free shipping". It's quite nasty of them.

You may want to check out Abbott's Freestyle Promise Program for strips ( They will help cover the cost/reimburse you :)

Thanks for the info, Kate: perhaps I wasn't clear about my strip costs. My particular Medicare Advantage program for my county and my State, provides my testing supplies under Part B at no cost at all. I just didn't get a new Rx to the provider approved supplier fast enough Not to run out of strips. That is why I purchased 100 for $52 from Amazon Prime.

Yep. My strips are covered as well, so I don't use the program either. But you may be able to sign up and have them cover part of the cost for your Amazon purchase or any other future purchases that have to come out of your pocket? I found Abbott's CS terrific the few times I've called them (mostly about co-pilot, but here's hoping it's the whole company?!?!).