I am a newly diagnosed diabetic, type 2. I'm finding it frustrating that I am unable to stablize my glucose levels. They are so erratic. The doctor has put my on Glucopage and Glucitrol and they do seem to keep me lower (150 -189 avg.) as compared to what I was when diagnosed (410). I am eating the right foods, and taking in plenty of water and fluids, but I just wish I could get stable. I know it's going to take some time, as I have just begun to be aware of the problem and on meds. It has helped my sleep patterns and I am able to sleep at night and not feel so tired when I wake.

As I continue on this next road of my life, I am accepting the fact that I am a diabetic and want to make sure I take care of myself for my children, partner and grandchildren but it is quite frustrating. I am thankful for finding this site to hear others stories and their ideas on how I can help myself.

Michael, thanks for sharing your story. I hope this site helps you in many ways.

Michael I always think that Type 2 must be much harder than Type 1 because you’re mostly controlling it with a mixture of meds, exercise and diet.

I find insulin a lot easier, though the exercise and diet is also important.

Have you figured out a way to get a little exercise in a few times a week? That’s something I find is hard to do.