Newest software on 723?

I hope in the new year to move to the MM 723 as my Medicare 5 years will be up on my 715. Just wondering if anyone with a recent 723 could tell me what software version it shows. I am hopeful that MM has gone beyond the version they started with at first introduction.

My 715 is still working fine so I will not hurry to replace it. I like to get things after they have had time to work out any kinks! It also could be interesting to see how long the 715 will last. I am rather easy on pumps so it could be a while.


The integration software with the 523/723 pumps is far more advanced than previous pumps. All aspects of the CGM software are different and a big improvement over previous MM pumps.

Actually, the GGM s/w comes from the VEO sold outside of the US. The difference is that the VEO will turn off the infusion of insulin when the BG is low and falling.

Thanks for all comments. I just wanted to know how many versions of the software have been put out since the beginning of the Revel. I am glad to hear that the integration is better and I read elsewhere also that it works better with the MM cgm, though I will probably go with Dex if I start cgm.