Newly Diagnosed - 11.6 A1C

There could be a couple of things stevo. There is a long list on wiki of things that can raise your BG. Normally for T2, it is a slow onset over many years. It will become obvious if diet doesn’t continue to control your BG and you are one of the people who will need insulin. Or if it it something like pancreatitis, may resolve.

Welcome Adiina. Good thing you found this forum and got some great advice that you DIDN’T get from your doctor. A shame that some doctors just ASSume that you have type 2 because of your age. The huge weight loss and keynotes should have been a big tip off!!! People with type 2 don’t usually present like that.
I hope the hospital will hook you up with an Endo and diabetes educator. There is a lot to learn. The dietician is a great start but don’t let it stop when you leave the hospital.
Best of luck to you. I think you will do well. You were smart enough to question that poorly informed doctor.

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I agree that you need to get more information. I am one of the Type 1s who was diagnosed at age 52 with Type 2 by my Nurse Practitioner. Luckily, I was thin and curious so I found TuDiabetes and asked for antibody testing. I tested just barely positive for Islet cell antibodies and through eating low carb and using small amounts of insulin, have been able to preserve quite a bit of my own insulin production. I was sent to a dietician who recommended I eat lots of healthy whole grains!

I am a bit angered by Adiina’s Dr. prescribing metformin with a blood sugar reading over 500. I was 28 years old, almost comatose with a reading of 749 when diagnosed. I had passed out the day before, became combatant, was vomiting and had DKA. I called my regular Dr. on Monday morning who practically diagnosed me on the phone and sent me to the hospital immediately. That was 40 years ago. He saved my life.

You need to see a different doctor ASAP. If that means going to ED, then go. I was diagnosed at age 60. I had blurred vision, excessive urination, 15 pound weight loss. My blood sugar was 350-450, HBa1c 7.0. Within 1 week of noticeable symptoms I was in ED getting 8 liters fluid and with shift change, I finally was put on insulin drip. Doctor sent me to ICU where I stayed for 3 days due to severe diabetic ketoacidosis. I was so acidotic I could have died. PLEASE DO NOT DELAY.

It seems it’s fairly common for people to get a bad advice from doctors. I have a friend who was prescribed metformin and told to exercise even though his a1c was 11 and fasting bg in the high 200’s. His dose is not even that high (1000 mg/day) but he managed to drop his fasting down to 120’s so it seems it’s working for him, but I highly encouraged him to see an endo.

And today my coworker told me about his friend who recently lost 20+ lb quite rapidly, went to see a doctor and discovered bg of 300 (fasting or not I don’t know) and you won’t believe what his doctor told him. Diet and exercise!!! Not even metformin was prescribed!!! The guy’s friends (including my coworker) all told him to go see a specialist, but nope! And the guy has PPO and financially well off, so it’s not money or access that’s preventing him from getting the right care…