Newly Diagnosed - 38 year old

Hi everybody!

Just wanted to say how much I have learned from reading this board in just a few days. You guys are great, and you have helped me understand much better what I am dealing with here.

Ten days ago, I tested my blood sugar with my boyfriend’s dad’s meter, after noticing that I was not feeling ok. Fortunately, I knew a little bit about the symptoms of high blood sugar, dry mouth, blurry vision … My blood sugar was 383, and I got very scared. I took myself straight to the ER, where I was told that my a1c was 10.6, and was given the smallest dose of insulin. For therapy my doctor ordered me to take 500 mg metaformin. and told me to cut down on the carbs to bring my sugar levels down. After a week of exercising 30 min every day (brisk walk), and cutting down my carbs to probably less than 80g a day, my fasting sugar has come down to 120, and post eating to 150. It was hanging in the high 200’s the first few days.
I have read that it takes people weeks if not months to normalize their sugar levels, and I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced such rapid drop in blood sugar after such a short time on therapy?

Since I have not seen a specialist for diabetes yet, nor a dietician, I am figuring this out on my own until I do. I have taken additional tests today that my doctor ordered, and will see him in about two weeks, when we will decide on further steps. I am hoping that I will wake up tomorrow with fasting glucose less than a 100, but I don’t know if I should take my medication then. My doctor only told me that we are shooting for a1c levels between 6 and 7, and that hopefully he will be able to take me of the meds once I reach them. He did not say anything about my sugar levels normalizing this fast. I will probably increase my intake of carbs, to see where that gets me. I am testing 3 times a day and so far my highest reading is always in the morning, dropping throughout the day.

I was also wondering if there is any therapy in existence to preserve the function and life of the surviving beta cells in the pancreas?

It really sucks to be diagnosed with this, but I am hoping that it was diagnosed early enough not to have caused much damage to my body. I know I have to do a bunch of more tests, to check everything. I had been planning to have a baby next year (my first) before all this happened. Hopefully that will still be possible. :slight_smile:

I was dx’d at 36 so I know how you feel - though it sounds like your doctor is a lot better than mine was. (you can follow the link to my blog to hear the whole story if you are interested) I did shift to a radically low carb diet (about 15g a day), no meds or insulin (doctor was a moron) and within a few weeks had fasting BGs in the 80s, so it can drop very quickly, especially as you are early stages so still making your own insulin some of the time.

If you are under 100 in the morning I wouldn’t take any meds without running it by your doctor first. Low BGs can bring on emergency situations much more quickly than high BGs. You should certainly be able to call your current doctor and ask.

Once you get in to see an endo, ask about the baby thing - it may actually be easier to do while you are still in the honeymoon phase than waiting.

Good luck!

I was diagnosed less than 2 weeks before my 38th birthday my A1c was 10.7 at diagnosis and is now 5.6. I have to thank my team of doctors as well as the people on here for all I have read and learned. By asking questions and getting involved on the site I have gotten a lot of knowledge in a little amount of time. My doctors were impressed and my CDE wanted to know more about the site. My case was a bit different they told me I am a type 1 (or 1.5 LADA) with thyroid issues as well. I am insulin 4 times a day Novolog pre-meal and Levemir @ bedtime. That along with better control over what I put in my body my numbers came down quickly.
Good Luck!!!


Actually I’m a type 1 (or LADA) too - and I don’t do the radical low carb anymore, that was just to stay alive until I got a doctor who would prescribe insulin… : )
Really the best thing you can do is test, test, test, because only you can predict what’s going to happen in your body.