Newly diagnosed type 1. 4, 27,2010

My first a1c was a 13.9 and yeas I was super sick, three month’s later my follow up was a 6.1 I’m active i surf, and have a physical job. So i’ve been experiencing more lows than highs and have tweaked my regamine a little, guess what i’m getting at is i have a lot of questions.

forgot to mention no endocrinologist

Wow, that’s one amazing improvement! Way to go.

Ask away. People here are happy to help. You’ll get more responses if you post in the forum as a discussion than as a blog.

Good job!!! Congrats. Since I’ve gone on insulin and now the pump I do have lows. My doctor told me that if I know I will be exercising I may want to not bolus as much so I don’t go low. Are you on the pump?

hi danny, i’ve been trying to learn how to surf - actually finally got up on my first wave recently, but it’s amazing how much energy you expend paddling around and fighting the surf. what’s your strategy for preventing lows while surfing? i think my glucose tabs would melt in my pocket! also, usually the only way back to shore is on a wave, which could be tough if you’re having a hypo. any tips?

Hey dank, glad to here that you are learning how to surf it is really hard, I’ve been at it for twelve years(two of which where spent just getting my ass handed to me),and have gone pretty far with it, I have two surf buds who are type 1 as well and what we try to do is jack are sugars up to the high 100’s and i usually put something like snickers a power bar or cliff bar in a zip lock bag and then place that under my chest zip on my wetsuit might not be the best approach but I’m super new to all this good luck and just keep paddleing!