News -- Heart and Eyes

For all my friends:

I’m scheduled to have a cardiac catheterization (angiogram) tomorrow, because I’ve been having frequent chest pains since Saturday afternoon. I’m very scared, but also relieved, because it will tell me whether I have artery blockage, or whether these are just spasms. I had a coronary artery spasm 19 years ago, but it hasn’t bothered me until this week. And I know diabetics are at increased risk of heart disease.

I’m not sure what to do about my BGs – they will let me keep my pump, but if I’m not eating, my BG has a tendency to drift down at the basal rate I’m now using, and so I’m wondering whether to decrease the basal rate, or just get my BG higher than usual when I drink my liquid breakfast at 6 AM, and then fasting until the procedure is finished, which I don’t know what time that will be.

If it turns out to be a blockage, they will do something about it, and it would mean an overnight hospital stay. If it’s spasms, they will adjust my medication.

In other news, my optometrist found a small hemorrhage in my left eye, but says he sees no retinopathy, and that the hemorrhage will resorb. But I’m going to make an appt. with my ophthalmologist when this heart stuff is over, just to make sure.

I would really appreciate your input!

Natalie ._c-

Good Luck Natalie, science will fix you :slight_smile:

Natalie, I hope it is just spasms and nothing is wrong. If you have a tendency to drift down without eating, I would turn the basals down a little. I am surprised you are allowed to have a liquid breakfast!

When I had mine done 2 years ago, it was awhile unitl I was able to get something to eat. I scheduled mine for a little later in the morning because I had a 3 hour drive to get there. I had to go for blood work & stuff first - it seemed like the prep time was forever. Once the heart cath was done, I had to lay flat and not lift my head - that made it hard to get anything to eat.

They said a liquid breakfast at 6 AM was OK, because the procedure is not scheduled until the afternoon.

The suggestion for turning down the basal is a good one – better to drift a little high than to go low.

I’ll let you know what happens either tomorrow or the day after. Just keep your fingers crossed for me! :slight_smile:

So even if they let you go home, it will be late until you get home. That will be a long day for you.

At least with the pump, it is easy to give yourself little doses of insulin if you start to drift too high.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you and I will be thinking about you tomorrow!

I think that’s good advice about turning down your basel rate til it’s over. That’s what I do when I have surgery of any kind.


I’m no expert, Natalie, but definitely agree with the others that it’s better to run a bit high than low. There are definitely times that’s best, even though it goes against our instincts.

I most of all want to wish you all the best, I know heart stuff is scary. Even with my arrythmia they keep saying is normal, I still get scared (holter monitor for me next week - with that and my pump I’ll be Cyborg Zoe!). I hope you will have a loved one or friend by your side, to tell you it’s going to be ok. It will! Let us know how it all goes.

Hi Natalie. Pumps are invaluable on days like tomorrow. As the others have suggested, I’d also turn down the basal. Best luck; hope the day goes quickly and well in every way.

If it drifts down, I’d set my rate to maybe 80 or 85% if I had something like that going on? I do that when I’m having one longer run/ week and the day after, it’s less work to just turn it down a notch? Good luck w/ the procedure though! I hope it goes well for you! CAn you tell if the chest pain is similar or different? I get stuff occasionally, it seems to bug me when my BG is low, sort of shortness of breath type of stuff.

I have some thing on one of my eyes but it doesn’t change so whenever I see a new opthamologist they are always concerned but then it doesn’t change the next time I see them and it’s cool. .

All good wishes to you, Natalie! Come back here when you’re able, and let us know all the details!

Well, I don’t have any input, other than to say I will be thinking of you and wishing the absolute best for you!

I agree with turning down your pump a bit. Lord knows how the days going to go and playing it safe is thes best bet.

Dont forget youve changed your eatting habits lately. This makes for different digestion patterns and odd alements when adjusting. All my broken bones (4 different ones) hurt like the dickens for a while there. My heartburn moved from center chest to under my heart and I get cold easy now. Im sure your body is going through the same kind of things. Although as PWD we all think the worst first. Hold tight and dont worry till you have to (I try to live by this).

My thoughts are with you (fingers crossed too!).

My best thoughts surround you, bubbalah.

Good idea to have your eye checked out. If you can, go to a retinologist.

Sending hugs!

Thoughts and prayers are with you!!

A second opinion regarding the eye makes sense. I know for me that over the years Optometrists have well advanced with treatments . I , at one time only would see a Ophtamologist , now I may see one and the other .

My thoughts are with you for tomorrow’s procedure !! thought too is better to run a bit higher BG’s …we are advised for a hospital stay to bring meds, insulin , pump supplies etc.

Fingers and toes crossed for good news all around.

These are the sorts of things that can really stress you out. My father in-law just had this procedure two days ago. His went fine, I’m hoping yours does as well. While it may not explain the spasms, it will rule out a blockage. I’ll be thinking about you today.