I know that I am only 16. I know I have type one. My life has been crazy this past year. But it’s only going to get crazier. My little 103 pound body is changing on the inside. My stomach is now more than just a tummy, it is now a home.
Some of you may be disappointed. But I told everyone the news today. I am about 3-3 1/2 weeks pregnant. Hard to believe I know but I’m at least taking control of my actions. I shouldnt have don’t this but it’s too late to reverse. My boyfriend of two years says he is gonna step up, and my parents are trying to wrap their heads around the subject. This child however is not goin to mess anything up. I am still finishing school. Thank you for your support.
Love, Kels.

Watch out, they start to talk about in 2-3 years!

Oh, and they do a lot before they talk....

Keep in touch. My T1 baby was born 35 years ago and things have really changed. Just be as tightly controlled as possible---for the "bebe!"

I know at 16 this must seem scary as all, but we are ALL behind you and you can do this. Being diabetic with good control should not stop you from having a baby. I really admire you for not letting this deter you from your goals in life. We all have bumpy roads in life and sometimes take different paths to get to our goals, but you will do well, and a baby is always a gift.

A lot has really changed in 17 years too!!!

Your mom rocks. That's exactly what she's supposed to do. You should give her a hug. You'll probably need it!

That is great Kelsey, no this is NOT something you wanted to hide. And I agree with your mom get established very early with a good OB and get your endo on board too. Pregnancy can create a LOT of changes in your insulin needs especially early on, test, test and test and be prepared you may have to decrease your insulin needs for a while. I was very insulin sensitive for the longest time.

Motherhood by any measure is the most honorable of professions. Being sixteen and pregnant is not the easiest of situations but with support of those around you it is very doable. I love the fact that your not going to let it stop you from finishing school. I say why let it stop you from going to college too. Baby makes things more difficult not impossible.

I applaud your decision not to hide things. I'm an old fart and when I was a teenager pregnant young girls were whisked away from public view and forever made to feel ashamed, I'm so glad that society has changed. Just think you now have several thousand honorary aunts and uncles here at TuDiabetes, we are here for you should you need us.

Congratulations Kelsey on your bun in the oven!

Hi Kelsey,

I think that both you, and your parents, are doing the correct thing in this situation. For being 16, you didn't panic; you told your parents and they will accept you for whatever you do and support you however they can. Your posts in the past have shown that you are a level headed, thoughtful individual, and you'll be okay with having a child of your own. You will watch your diabetes diligently, care for yourself, your baby and those around you as you have and keep your goals in mind. I don't see where much changes, accept for being a good mom. You will do that, too!

Be well; keep us in the loop.

Brian Wittman

Congratulations, Kelsey. I hope all goes well for you and your baby in the future.

Congrats Kelsey!
Keep your goals high :) You can do this! Maybe your timing is not what you had planned, but be proud of yourself. It's hard to be diabetic but even harder to be a pregnant diabetic- the fact that you are willing to take on this challenge says a lot about your character. Keep us updated, and good luck with everything! I am sure I speak for everyone on here when I say that we are all here to help you with anything we can!

"This child is not going to mess anything up."

Yes, it is, in ways you can't even imagine. I personally find that sentence a bit scary. Like you're talking about a minor change in plans. Your whole life is going to change. Everything you do from school, to friends, to sleep to going to the mall to hang out is going to totally change or just plain cease to exist. You are going from being a carefree teen whose biggest problem is whether she can afford the latest tablet and whether she should go hang out at the mall or do a homework assignment to being unable to fit into her desk at class let alone her fashionable clothes, to worrying about having enough diapers, baby formula and insurance to cover pediatricians in addition to endos. Unless your parents are going to raise this child for you,(which is a lot to ask!) you will now have total responsibility for another life, one which, while certainly worthy of love and joy, will also keep you up all night,spit up on your pretty new top and take 100% of your time, attention and commitment.Type 1 will come second and the usual teen fun won't even be on the calendar anymore.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, Kelsey, but if you think that a baby is "not going to mess anything up" you are not ready for parenthood. I'm going to be one voice not joining in to "Congratulations! You can do this! Isn't this wonderful". Google the stats on teen pregnancy,as well as teen marriages people. It isn't pretty. Based on the latter, you need to be ready to take on single an age when you still need mothering yourself. My recommendation? Enjoy being a kid and leave marriage and parenthood for when you grow up. But if you are doing this then please give yourself a little more understanding of what it entails. Hang out with someone who is pregnant, and/or take some classes for teen moms. Hang out with someone who has an infant and ditto on the education. Check your school's policy on pregnant students. Please do not go into this with the assumption that "a baby is not going to mess anything up." They will.

That's a good point. One of my other friends (the person who got me to pump, which got me online...yadda yadda yadda...) reminded me today about how we didn't go out to eat for a couple of years when junior was like 2-3 because it wasn't worth it. Which is sort of "minor league" compared to the disrpution that Kelsey will likely face...

While everyone is entitled to their opinions, I think we as a community need to support Kelsey. This is a HUGE life changing moment for any woman, planned or not, and throwing diabetes in on top of it makes this definately more scary. I for one can imagine Kelsey has spent countless hours and nights thinking about this. And yes it does mean a lot of changes, but it means a lot of changes to any woman or couple going through this. I think as a community instead of blasting Kelsey for her decisions, we should be encouraging of her to continue with her goals and plans in life. Yes it is hard, and it is certainly a challenge, but with love and support it can be done. Would everyone be happier if she just took the EASY solution, cause god forbid a young woman should try to take any personal responsiblity for a life changing outcome.

It would be a lot of pressure on junior to expect it not to mess anyone up though. I'd have to agree with Zoe that it would be more realistic to expect it to mess up. I was prepared for projectile vomiting but not projectile pooping! Eeek!

Hi Kelsey, Everyone here supports you but wants you to realize just how much baby is going to change your life. Not to try and sway any decision you might make but to help prepare you for the life changing events that are in store for you.

Make no mistake baby will mess things up in ways you don't quite yet realize but if your mature enough to handle the responsibilities parenthood can also bring untold joy.

Sometimes a reality check is a form of support and not criticism at all.

Sometimes what we need most in life is someone to tell us the truth. It isn't being negative when you suggest someone look more closely at choices and what consequences they entail. It's called maturity. And no, I disagree Christy that we need to just blindly support anything someone proposes, no matter how precipitous; that isn't friendship and support in my book. Personally I don't think Kelsey has spent countless hours and nights thinking about it. She was only three weeks pregnant when she posted.

I also have concern, Kelsey, about your health and that of the baby. You haven 't shared details, but you have been in the hospital recently and have posted about medical problems which may or may not be D related. Pregnancy with Type 1 is hard, though certainly many women do it successfully. But it takes rigorous control and absolutely tight management and good health. To go into it with anything less is perilous. I'm sorry you don't like my response, Kelsey. I've spoken with many people with life affecting choices to be made and I think the most supportive thing you can do is help them have a realistic idea of consequences. That's a lot more supportive than blind cheer leading.

And again, if you were ready to be a mother you would realize that yes, a baby will and should detour your goals. Because with a baby your main goal needs to be that child's well being.

good luck!

Hang in there, Kelsey. You don't have to be a statistic, nor do you need to stand for ridicule from others. I think that in the end, you will get what you want. I continue to believe that you are a bright and vibrant young lady. I applaud you for handling some very rough statements in a very dignified manner.

Be well.

Brian Wittman

I hope you haven't deleted your account Kelsey, or if you did you come back, because the one thing about this place is the ability to have different opinions, learn from multiple points of view, and use them all to grow and get better. If all this was was a "yes man" forum, not a lot would get accomplished.

I am closing in on my second year of marriage, and if you would have told me how marriage really is the day before we got married, I would have said you were crazy, my marriage was going to be like the movies (the good ones at least!) Well, then you have two different families all colliding at once, my personal goals in my career being shifted to become "our" goals, single friends still wanting me to be single, but I'm not and I can't act like I was. So many things that you either don't hear, or you hear but you will say "that won't happen to me" but it does. Crazy thing is, I wouldn't trade my life and marriage for anything! Yes it may be different than what we both imagined, but it is the single greatest thing that has happened to me!

I can see how this might parallel your situation. I think what Zoe and Acid Rock are both saying is that, sure you should still have goals and things you want to accomplish in life, but keep an open mind that there most definitely will be a different road to take to reach some of those goals than you had originally anticipated. It WILL be harder than you think, because that is life, nothing is ever as we think it will be. But, with the right support from your family, and with a lot of growing up that will occur naturally from you, you can stand here 2 to three years from now like Acid Rock is and can honestly say it is the best thing that has every happened to you! Instead of just wanting a handout, take the advice from every post on here, the ones you like and the ones you don't.

I hope for you and your child's life that everything works out for the best. I can't imagine what it's like, but I am looking forward to that day! Let your haters be your motivators and prove the statistics wrong, for your baby's sake! Good luck!

Hi Kelsey,
I couldn’t stop thinking about you and this discussion last night. Some words may seem harsh but really they are meant to help you realize that this new life changing event of yours is going to be amazingly challenging, just like D. It’s a lot. I couldn’t imagine being type one and pregnant, not too mention only 16. I have a 15 year old and daily she needs my help and she does’t have D or a baby on the way. Don’t stop posting. also don’t think that people writing things you don’t want to hear is meant to criticize you or hurt you. Life doesn’t always go as planned. Stay healthy, learn a lot, think about all your options and ask for and accept help. Good luck.