Newsletter from Anthem of CA

I just received a newsletter discussing “metabolic syndrome” along with a few recipes. I am Type 1, what’s wrong with this picture?

I receive a similar newsletter every year!

Are you on blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication? Then Blammo, you have now been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome. No exception for type 1s.

Oh, of course it is a made up diagnosis.

My favorite is cholesterol medication. I have had severe reactions to statins, yet my insurance company started sending not only me, but my doctors letters urging them to put me on statins. I called them up and pointed out that I would likely “die” from their recommendations and demanded that they stop their campaign to “kill me.” They did eventually stop.

If its any condolence to you my job requires annual hearing test. Only slight lost at higher frequencies but still in normal range after 13 years of working around aircraft and many more years of smaller venue concerts. But I get stuff in the mail for hearing aids all the time. Also got on the mailing list for the “other” (I won’t say which one) political party because I have written a few letters to my congressman. Nothing wrong with getting the mail except the environmental impact and waste money for the junk mail.

I’m not on bp or cholesterol meds. You give me hope that I might be able to stop the mailings (I’ve been assuming it would be futile to navigate multiple layers of bureaucracy). Even though I toss them in the recycle bin, the mailings bother me in principle. They won’t cover T1 without precise billing codes and yet they can’t be bothered to send appropriate mailings.

I too have anthem and Medco for meds. Whenever I open the Medco website there is a big screen talking about my “diabetes goals” including cholesterol and bp.These are not MY diabetes goals! It annoys me every time.

I have a friend here who has Kaiser, bsc, and they are continually pushing her to take statins even though she too has reasons not to. It seems anything she asks about they tell her to take statins! Why does the medical profession (especially HMOs get on these kicks? Do they all suffer from OCD - or at the very least one-track minds?? I used to do Mental Health Assessments and it would be as though the client said “I saw a sad movie last night” and I held a chart that said “use of the word sad: diagnose Major Depressive Disorder.” Just like in clothing, One Size does NOT fit all.

I have Medco as well. I just transferred most of my prescriptions to mail order. I had the same “goals” and I was a little annoyed. Medco also was suggesting a statin be given. I feel much more at ease discussing something like this with my physician and not my insurance company.

Yep. I wonder what punishment will me meted out if “our goals” are not met. I actually do take a BP pill but it’s for arrythmia, not blood pressure and my bp is often low due to it. (going to see a cardiologist and look at a possible change)

I’ve been getting my meds by ordering online and having them sent for quite awhile and really like it. I even did it when I lived in Guatemala which was a good trick!