Nexplanon and Type 1 Diabetes

Hi I was just curious if this had happened to anyone!So two weeks ago I got the nexplanon birth control in my arm, ever since then my blood sugars have been out of control. Like 300-400. I will go to bed at 190 and when I wake up it's in the 300. Or I will be high before bed like 250 and I'll correct the dose and wake up higher! I'm really thinkin it's the nexplanon and was wonderig if anyone experienced the as well.

My doctor just had me check more and change my basal, but I am out of state for college, so i became worried i had some sort of infection or such and went to the ER today, and they didn't seem to worry. My blood labs all came back fine. They said it could just be like a honeymoon phase and my body had to get use to it, and to leave it in for a month. But i am just curious. I get frusturated when i see my numbers that high. And even when i go to correct it always doesn't!

Thank you everyone! :)

In general Nexplanon has the ability to cause insulin resistance. Perhaps it triggers progesterone like side effects. In one discussion I even found the remark that Nexplanon may not be recommendable for diabetics so you better ask your medical team for advise: