Next Up The Paradigm from Minimed

For the past 36 hours I have been wearing the “tubed” variety of pumps. After wearing the Omnipod for a couple of days I wanted to see what it would be like to wear a more traditional pump. While I still love the idea of a “tubeless” pump such as the Omnipod, I must say wearing the Paradigm has not been too cumbersome. Here are the things that have bothered me while wearing the Paradigm (the same could apply to most pumps):

  1. I put my keys in my right pocket, my money in the left, and my cell phone on my belt on the right side. That doesn’t leave much space for another thing to carry. For now I put the pump in my right pocket and have tried to keep my keys in the left. I could definitely figure out a new system to carry my stuff.

2.Excuse the potty humor for a moment. When going to the bathroom, with the pump in the pocket and my infusion site on my abdomen, the tube is not long enough. So I have to take out of the pocket and place it somewhere???

3.Sleeping could have been worse. I would probably get use it to. But the pod was much easier and comfortable to sleep with than a pump clipped to my underoos.

During the day, outside of the problems described in #1 from above, I forget it’s there. With the pod I did feel a little conscious depending on what I was wearing since there was a bulge attached to my body. The pump is easy to use. The potential for the integrated CGM. Although, from what I hear, Omnipod is working on integrating with Dextrom. As I typed that last sentence I realized if that was true today, the choice would be easy. For now I feel like the choice is between going tubeless and have the integrated CGM today.

I have 12 hours to make my decision. That is my self-imposed deadline. I will then fill out the necessary paperwork and get the ball or in this case the pump rolling.

Good luck with your decision!

You can get 43 inch tubing for the Pardigm. Personally I prefer the shorter just because I get tangled in it. I clip the pump to the waist of any pants I am wearing. I sleep on my side so I just put the pump in the front when I sleep and clip it to my pajama pants. Took me only a few days to get used to sleeping with it, now I barely realize I even have it on.