Just updating my saga.
I called my son to talk and he told me that he had been pushed by another foster kid. He missed a step and fell. He broke his collar bone. the therapy apointment set for today did not happen because the caseworker did not give the foster parent my son’s medicaid number. Grr! My son tells me he is in pain. The fosterparent is not allowed to give motrin/anything unless it is prescribed. My son was supposed to see his counselor this morning at 9:00… (is what the caseworker told me.) When I called; he hadn’t seen the counselor yet today.(that was at 3:30pm)
I hope he sees the counselor and tells the truth. I hope he tells the counselor he is in pain and needs some pain relief of some kind. I also hope he tells the counselor how the kids who pushed him is still harassing him!
Meanwhile, here at home. I get a call from New court appt atty who says he will only represent me and not my husband. ( supposedly… I’m going to point my finger and accuse my husband!!! ACK!!! ) I just dont believe this mess.
My son wants to come home. We want him home more than ever now! He would not have a broken collar bone if he were at home to begin with!
sigh… I’ve tried to figure out how to pay the bills and keep car ins. I just am not quite stringing things up in the right “rob peter pay paul way.” it will happen along with the powerbill some how. this crazy high heat index is hurting us and so many others.
My numbers are still the as ok as they have been. I did get a some teststrips for the easy check monitor. This has been a very stressful day.
More stress… Just had to add this.
The new atty has decided that I will need to pay $225.00 an hour in order to have representation.
We do not have the money. We are barely keeping bills paid or almost paid on time.
This is a huge mess.

Thanks for the update… sorry to hear about these struggles…

Meadowlark it just seems that everyway you turn its just getting worse! Always look for the end of the rainbow honey. It will keep you going but at the sametime sometimes t just gets to hard!!! I really don’t have anything to help you out as for your nreves how about taking a really long hot bath???

Thanks Sweetie,
Just knowing you all are out here helps me have a place to share my pain.
It’s part of having children with mental health needs. I just wish I had been more prepared. My “family” could have told me my health history; but chose not to.

The problem with me is I knew my family’s mental history and had 2 anyway. It really dosen’t help that my dad and grandmother were 2nd cousins either so in the long run I’m my own grandma not pa here! HA!!