Nicole Graham

My name is Nicole Graham. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in June of 2005, at the age of 15.

I believe only us who have it can truly relate to that fear this disease brings with it. The fear, isolation, and the constant worry can be exhausting! I have been told by my fiance that I appreciate life more than anyone he knows. He & I both know it is because of my disease. I so value each day and I am grateful, for all of the challenges and rewards this disease has brought into my world. It has brought me passion for something like I’ve never felt before: JDRF. I try to get involved each year, and when I go to the JDRF events & see the small children taking on this disease, it literally turns every ounce of negative energy I have towards diabetes into positivity and reassurance that standing up to the disease, fighting it, and raising awareness for better treatment & a cure one day is what all of diabetic’s energy should be put into.

We are people who have a disease. A disease that shows us what we are made of and how strong we really are. It can make you feel defeated at times, but the reward of overcoming that is so well worth it! Sure, we’d all cure ourselves if we could, but until then, we need to embrace it and make the very best of it. Accept it & know it is not what defines you. It is just a part of you.

Nicole, just lovely.