Nightmare road trip

I wont be around much as I left my purse in Oslo which included my cards, health insurance card, camera and oh yea my passport with residence permit…

It started out as h*** and ended at the bottom of the pit. I had 2 lovely days in Bergen but that’s just about it. I’m not quite sure how I will feel if anything else untoward happens at this point.

I’ll get some pictures up on Monday or something.

Best of luck, Amber! You have an idea where you left it?

I left it at a Mc Donalds I think. That was the last place I’m pretty sure I had it. However I tried calling that Mc Donalds and they don’t answer the phone. The American Embassy in Oslo doesn’t return my calls and the police in oslo can’t really do anything I guess… it’s just a mess. I did file a report with the Finnish police today. Glad they didn’t ask me how I got back into finland without anything… (the boats are easy to get onto and we already had reservations and tickets booked)