Nighttime drink of a vampire – juice boxes rule!

I’m a late bloomer, I’m not ashamed to admit this (or should I be?). I took up reading the first of 4 books of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, which Laura, my niece is telling me are really good – PLUS she’s got 2 tickets for the midnight premiere of New Moon on Nov 19th at 12:01. Sweet.

I am so involved in the characters, that I think they are in my dreams. So much so, that last night, 02h30 to be precise, I woke up in abit of a sweat, heart thumping away, thinking to myself “Would Edward know that my blood isn’t smelling sweet anymore (aka am I going low)?” LOL - I mean, I’m not a teenager anymore – which is who these books are aimed at – am I regressing back into childhood here?

To read the rest of my saga with vampires - just follow the dribbles of my juice box

I have to admit Megha - my vision of Edward in my mind is way different then the one in the movie (I kinda like mine better). Not sure if I’ll see the movies - I know I read the Time Traveller’s Wife - and I have yet to see the movie. I’ll wait and see tho’ - as the preview for New Moon - looks SOOOOOO good (will be starting on that book hopefully tomorrow if I can take a break from work).

I love those books too! Can’t wait for the next movie :slight_smile: Its so easy to get addicted to the books…once I started reading I couldn’t put them down!

It seems as if something is resonating with you in these stories! Follow your dreams, revere your reveries!! There is a royal road there!

Thanks for sharing!!!
Ruthie :slight_smile:

too funny!

Ohh myy godnessssss, I lovee those book. I read the first in a day, the second in like two days and I’m just starting the third. Edward, completely in love with him =D. I want him to growl at me and say “If i could dream it would be about you…” aaaaaaaah heaven is real!

Wish the films dipicted the books a little more…