No Cavities?

So, my sister and I were discussing cavities the other day. She has had her fair share, and I’ve only had one. And that one was because I chipped my tooth, and it got a cavity from that. I was thinking well we talked about, how come I don’t have any cavities? And as we kept talking about it, something popped in my head. Well, if you think about it…how much sugar have I had in the last 11 years, compared to the amount you have had. Is this a liable explaination, or am I just lucky to have not gotten any cavities? Do you find that you have less cavites compared to non-d people? Just curious. Let me know!!! =)

No cavities here. Not sure if having D has anything to do with it, but I’m still happy to not have any! Everyone else in my family has a mouth full o’ metal.