No change

I just started using Victoza on Tuesday, and there's no improvement in my glucose levels. I'm wondering if it will improve when I increase the dose to 1.2. The doctor gave me a sample pen. When I looked online for info on Victoza, I read that the pens need to be refrigerated before use. The sample wasn't cold. Could that affect the efficacy of the med? I've had no side effects so far. I'd really appreciate your input.

I commented on your other post. I don't think you have been on Victoza long enough to know if it will improve your glucose levels. I saw no change at .6. I started seeing a change at 1.2. Also, Victoza can be left at room temp for 30 days. After 30 days you need to get rid of it.

Thanks, Flem. (I didn't see the first post. Sorry about the double posting.)I wish my Endo had told me not to expect immediate results, but it was my first visit and there was a lot of info to absorb.