No Delivery in Cold weather

For the past two days, I’ve received a no delivery warning from my Animas Vibe after taking a 45 minute walk in the evening. The temperature has been about 25-30 F and I wonder whether the cold is doing something or it’s simply a coincidence.


If your pump is in pocket, wouldn’t it be less impacted by colder temp? I would think body temp would keep it stable.

Or maybe an almost low battery.

With my Ping I had a loss of prime a couple of times in extremely cold weather and that stops insulin delivery. But I live in Minnesota and the temps where that happened were below zero. The pump was always in my pocket or on my waistband under a lot of warm clothes and it always seemed weird that it happened.

Same as Laddie but in Wisconsin. Never happened to me with my Pings. I did crack a casing once while wearing lots of winter garb and squeezing through a pipe gate :roll_eyes:.

The battery is brand new. What’s surprising is that it’s never happened before in all the years I’ve pumped.

That does seem odd.

I’ve had a Vibe going on 4 years, and also live in cold climate (Alberta)

My pump has pretty much always “No delivered, not primed” since I got it. No warning, hot, cold or otherwise, it just does it.

Sometimes it’s only once or twice a month, other times 3 or 4 times a day. Big annoyance, however it always alarms and I can prime and restart