No forgotten bolus tonight

And running 117 before bed–yeah thank you daibetic pranksters for laying off for tonight.

Feeling better–not 100% yet–but back to work tomorrow–hopefully the sick people are now well so I won’t get it back again.

It REALLY irritates me when sick people come to work when they get 2 freakin weeks of sick time a year! I do not like getting other peeps illnesses…and working in modern day office bldgs with re-circ air is like being on an airplane 8 hours a day…everyones germs get passed around…gotta love it — NOT! (yes they are required to bring in a certain % of outside air–but during the fall/winter they bring in the minimum amount so they don’t have to heat as much–illness for the sake of saving a few $$)

Anyhow–been a good day and hopefully tomorrow won’t suck too bad…and it will be a short week (day wise but prob not hours)

got a lot of ironing done, so almost ready to start the next round of cutting…Christmas is sneaking up on this grandma too fast!