No, I Can't.....I'm A Diabetic

I have been a diabetic for 63 years and there were so many things in my early years I could not do because I was diabetic. I could not eat anything sweetened with sugar (doctor’s orders) and I could not exercise or play hard for long periods of time to help prevent hypos. I could not be too far away from my parents so they could watch over me at all times. When I was married in 1964 things were not much better. I still avoided sugar and still curtailed my activity. I never slept at night without my wife being with me.

Things are much better at the present time. The much better control I now have and my pumping permit me to eat things with sugar, in small amounts. I can exercise as much as I want. I know how to avoid hypos almost all the time and I can lead a more normal life. I do not have hypos while sleeping.

What have YOU wanted to do that your diabetes has somehow prevented/stopped you from doing (past or present)??? “…I can’t I’m a diabetic…”



I was diagnosed as an adult five years ago. It’s a more enlightened and medically advanced time in diabetes care. I restrict my diet but don’t cut anything out, except what I don’t like. Physically I’m more active than ever. In that sense I’ve been more fortunate.

So for me, diabetes hasn’t prevented from me from doing anything, but it has been a major life change. More than an inconvenience, something less than a disability.