No Insurance and Work Approval

I'm trying to get approved by my new companies physician and he wants a recent a1c, my other labs and doctor's office notes. Problem is is that I'm not insured and have limited time to be seen. I'm on a waiting list for a low cost clinic in my area, but it won't be in time. Any suggestions on what to do?

Yes! There are TWO a1c self tests that I found at Walmart. One is by Reli-on, a send-away test that was fairly cheap but took more than a week to get a reply. The second one is from Bayer and has two kits in one package, but costs about three times as much as the send away version. Bayer's is a bit complicated and fussy - will give you error messages if it thinks you did anything wrong, but it is supposed to give you results in your own home in about ten minutes. I bought two of these and have had two of the four tests work right the first time. Both of the Relions worked right the first time, but you have to wait about a week for the answer.

Unfortunately they need doctor's notes as well. The a1c part wouldn't be too bad since I can go to the CVS minute clinic for that, it's just all the other labs and the doctor's notes.

Your doctor's office should be able to copy your records for you in a timely manner. Will that not suffice?

Can just tell the company physician that you do not actually have a previous doctor or records ? I am sure it is not the first time they will have heard it. Are you trying to get approved for insurance coverage with the new company ? Or just approved to start working at the new company ? If it is for insurance coverage they may be able to set up something for you ?

It's for approval with the company and unfortunately I haven't been able to go to the doctor on a regular basis because I'm not insured and can't afford it. I have a few scattered visits, but nothing substantial. By the time I buy insulin, it doesn't leave much money for anything else.