No More Monitor

I took the baby monitor out of my son's room. He's 7. I know what you're thinking - that's way too soon.

No? Well, you probably don't have a child with type 1 diabetes

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good for you for following your and your sons instincts! we rarely check jacob's bs over night,( i peek in at him pretty often, cant help it) he absolutely hates night time checks. we have a pretty good feel based on how he goes to bed what he will be like in the morning. you are lucky when you son gets up at night because he is high, jacob has to be pretty high to get up, i think he has a huge bladder! lately i have been feeling the need for a few night time pokes because after a calm period he has lately been waking up way too high and he probably needs a basal increase due to growth, as your son is heading into. except mine is 14, and wants to be more and more independent which is good and bad as you can imagine. at least we are still close and he is not closing me out altogether, he just wants to make more of his own decisions. i have never really wanted jacob to have a CGM, nor has he, one gadget is enough for now, he uses an omnipod. i always felt CGM were a constant reminder of D and more for people that really have crazy bs's and or hypo unawareness, and yes paranoid parents. jacob tests frequently and is learning to balance things out, he like to forget sometimes that he has D in between boluses and a CGM would make him, us too focuses on his numbers and not on his life. just my opinion, of course, we all cope the best we can. best wishes with your growing son, you sound like a great mom! amy

Thanks! I'd love to get Benny a CGM to see the trends, directions of highs/lows, but we don't like the idea of another inset either. Sometimes you just have to decide what's best for your kid and your family, right? :)