No more Pebble -- Now what?

Hmm sounds like it has some cool benefits. I think the real thing stopping me is there’s just no way I’m trading out my Rolex submariner for an Apple Watch-- which would mean I’d have to wear both, which would just look ridiculous.

Does it have to be Bluetoothed to the phone for all these things to work e.g. Does it just mirror the messages that your phone receives? Or can it receive them on its own? Can it send messages?

You have a bar in your house? That’s awesome.

send me the Rolex and I’ll send you my AW. I’ll even pay the shipping :grinning:

Most things it needs to be connected via BT but the range is good. Yes, you can send messages.

Come over for a beer . . . or two . . .

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Aside from seeing Dex info, I use mine for home automation. Thermostat, turning on/off lights, ect… But mostly for the ease of asking quick questions to Google. “When does a particular business close?”, “Navigate to X”, and such. One of my favorites is keeping my golf score automatically. There are countless uses.

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I fully intend to take you up on the beer… or maybe wine instead. I think I may become a certified Sommelier now that I’ve arranged to have so much free time… that is a worthy goal.
I may actually end up teaching some classes near you for something to do when I retire-- if they’ll have me.

I love red wine. Just let me know when you are coming to town.

I’ve been trying to get my wine cellar filled up for a long long time… it’s a self defeating project

I totally get it. Every time a buy a case or two someone seems to drink it!!!

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FWIW, there is a 3G(or 4G, depending on the carrier) Gear S2 model available that has full standalone cell/data capability. This allows all the features Mike talked about with the Apple Watch (notifications, phone calls, etc.) to work even when your phone is not around. It also has GPS built in, so it’s good for exercise tracking without the phone.

That’s the model I have, and I absolutely love it. In addition to text messaging, all notifications come through, including email. I have sent email from my watch many times.

I wouldn’t have gotten an AW if it weren’t for my daughter, her beloved Dexcom, my job, and my ridiculously exaggerated involuntary startle reflex. I really don’t use it for anything other than managing my daughter’s D.

Oh, and I love pretending I’m Dick Tracy when I push a few buttons and speak the following words into it: “T comma you’re 157 with one arrow up period please correct and set a 15% increased basal for 2.5 hours period OK question mark”

Sam, I’m thinking you could pull off wearing two watches, one on each wrist (that’s assuming that you have two hands/arms). Everyone will be impressed with you: people with big bucks that recognize your Rolex, and hipsters with some money who know an AW when they see one. I won’t even mention the women who will flock around you like seagulls on a bag of bread…

Thanks @Dave26. I may try the Sony Smartwatch 3, but will consider the Gear S2, as well – do you have to have and special settings on the S2 to get it to last 24 hours? Can it last in some sort of ‘always on’ (the BG, that is) mode?

In order to get it to last 24h+, I leave “always on” off, and enable the wrist gesture to wake it up. Always on will suck it dry in about 18 hours.

The S2 with 3G is pretty pricey, though. The verizon “classic” version with leather band runs $350, the “sport” version with rubbery band $300.

I mostly just monitor my BG on my Apple Watch. Recently, its capability expanded to include this:

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Is that just for bookkeeping from the perspective of the Dex app, or has Loop installed a different watch face with true insulin-initiation functionality?

Way cool if the latter!

It’s part of the Loop program and you may deliver a bolus from the watch. You may step up in increments of 0.5 by hitting the + units and micro-adjust with the crown wheel.

Very cool!

I have the Watch 2, 42mm and the battery lasts 2 full days easily. I am not a heavy user of the watch, but Loop or G5 is always on, plus all notifications.

I’ve been researching smartwatches the whole past weekend and came to the conclusion that I should probably choose a Pebble, due to the battery life and the open platform. Although the Garmin vivoactive HR lasts 8 days, too, but this one is pretty big and I have tiny wrists.

I’ve seen that you have been using a Pebble so I’d like to ask you what made you switch to the Sony? How readable is the display in direct sunlight? How often do you charge? What are the pros and cons?

A bit off topic: Does it matter if my phone only supports Bluetooth 4.0? Does the Dexcom G5 care, does a smartwatch care?

No, I’ve not used the Pebble. I’ve only used the Sony Smartwatch 3 and bought specifically to work in standalone mode for xDrip+. I use it for running, too, as it has gps. The battery probably won’t last a full day so if that is a priority then it may not be the best for you. It charges fast, usually in 15 minutes. Currently only the Wear devices work in standalone mode so a pebble cannot connect directly to the Dexcom transmitter to work in standalone. If standalone is important, then stick with a wear such as the Sony.

Oh, I’m sorry for the mixup!
Thanks for the reply.

Do you know where all those technical details are documented? What works with what, how it is done? I’ve only just today found out about xDrip+ and I’m totally psyched. But on github there really isn’t a lot of documentation, neither is on jamorham’s page.

Before I just hoped Dexcom’s Android app would hopfully be compatible with Android Wear, but it looks like most of my problems have actually already been solved (like not needing a constant internet connection)! :slight_smile:

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