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HbA1c 9.7!!! It’s been in the 9’s for over a year now! What do we do wrong?? It’s times like this when I realize I should have a new look to our perspective of diabetes and reevluate everything. Jan-Hendrik seems so oblivious to the fact that he should keep his Bg lower. If I does’nt nag him he just don’t care! Eats what he likes whenever he likes, which can be ok if he just remember to bolus. By the time I nag him to test his again his Bg’s are up - “Oh I forgot to bolus!”

I think his father is to blame partly - Let me explain. Father has this extreme fear for low’s and panic if Jan-Hendrik’s bg are within normal range. He normally then says " your not going to hold - do something your bg is too low" It’s like he wants JH bg to be above 10mmol the whole time! Then he does’nt have to worry that he should do something IF he becomes hypo.

JH want’s to please his dad- his hero- who doesn’t want to take him anywhere because he doesn’t want to sit with a child he has to watch all the time. ( Don’t get me wrong I love them both very much but I also know their weaknesess). Damn I’m just mad!!

I can understand your frustrastion and you are very right about it. Now Jan-Hendrik has just Diabetes and needs normal attention. This will dramatically change with the complications that are likely on the way ahead. Ring the alarm bell and make a clear statement about it. These negative developments should and can be avoided. He needs encouragement by both of his parents. An HbA1c below 6.5 will bring more lows. But these lows can be reduced and handled by awareness of physical activity and pump handling (temporary basal rate).

I know this is really a challenge and you have to act together as one family. If he is not afraid of future developments (fear is not a good advisor) then maybe you can give him a positive motivation. Maybe he has a dream you would like to fullfill in exchange for better HbA1c values.

I totally understand this situation, I have the same problem with my daughter. if she don’t get what she wants then she don’t take care of her bg’s, now she is 20 and still not taking care of herself. she has a 7 month old to take care of and is not concerned with the complications that the high can cause. The rest of the family and I keep explaining that if she don’t take care of herself her daughter will pay in the end.

I have been contacting the insurance and everyone to find out what can be done to get her back on a pump but she don’t appreciate it. She is determined to get the tube less pump, omnipod, so now we will know more in january when she gets it. She doesn’t call to find out for herself what information is needed to help herself. The family gets really upset with her, she was dx when she was 14. We all couldn’t remember and we thought 12 but have been updated that she was 14.

High A1c will create problems and hers is 8.5 right now and her doctor did not seem concerned by this so I have contacted a new doctor for her to get better control and hopefully better communications relationship for her health.

I hope you find people to explain the complications and help remove the fear they have to be in the right range. I have been fighting some lows lately but the stress level has changed in my life due to changing jobs. the fight is a battle but we can win.

we have found that nagging doesn’t do any good. i have also sent for the freestyle navigator for my daughter so that the alarms will get her to take care of herself also. her husband is so scared for her and worries all the time.

Good luck