No one should feel alone...especially children!

I came across this video, in support of camps for children with diabetes. Be they under the umbrella of The Canadian Diabetes Association, the American Diabetes Associates or from any other country...they are in GREAT need of your support. These are Summer/warm weather camps....that time of the year is just around the corner. Please be generous!

Thank you for posting Linda !! you know I do my fund raising with Team Diabetes; CDA's D-Camps benifit immensely . D-Camps do include quite a few family camps as well and the numbers of Camps are growing too ; for instance Prince George ,BC will have their first camp this year and there is talk about the Kelowna, BC area...nothing definite yet .Here another recent video ...the young man in this video is from Saskatchewan and received the Volunteer of the Year Award last Oct .in Vancouver

Thank you Nel...for the added information :)

Good job posting this!

Did anyone else notice the phone number at the end? :)

I hope so David. If not...please view the video once more ;)

Canadian contact number :Toronto , ON 1-800-BANTING ( 226-8464) ;
e-mail :

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