No Pee For You!

Part of being a diabetic is having to do blood work every few months. The normal tests include A1c, cholesterol, kidney, liver, and more. Usually you don't just get blood drawn but also must give a urine sample.

I always get to the lab right at opening. I do this for a couple of reasons, one being that the labs must be done while fasting. It is easier to fast overnight because you are sleeping and don't need to eat and don't think about food and hunger, and it doesn't mess up your normal routine as much so you can easier keep your BG from dropping too low. Secondly, because there is usually less people and a shorter wait.

So I woke up early this morning and first I realized how I am not used to waking up on a schedule and so early, and to an alarm anymore. I rolled out of bed none-the-less and immediately started getting dressed and ready to head out the door. My bladder was full, but of course, I didn't use the restroom because I knew I was supposed to give a urine sample at the lab. My back was hurting strangely, though, almost like a muscle pain but in my spine. It made me feel as though my entire body hurt even though I knew it was just in my back. I've never felt this before. I thought maybe it was because I had to pee so bad and made a point to see if I felt better after relieving myself.

Since I am not allowed to drive right now due to vision problems, my husband had to take me to the lab before heading out to work. I rushed him out the door, I hate waiting on people and for things, the earlier we get to the lab, the faster I'll be in and out (and can pee!). We head out and it is a chilly morning. On the way my husband tells me to get a note from the lab so he can provide it to his work if he runs late.

We arrive at the lab and there are already three people in line outside the door. I get out of the car and take my place in line, cursing that I didn't bring a sweater on this cold morning. My back is still feeling crampy, my bladder is still painfully full, and there is still 15 minutes to go until the doors open. I listen to the other waiters chit-chat about health and doctors and insurance, until finally the doors open and we file in. By this time there are about nine of us and more driving up.

I sign in, sit, and wait. The tiny waiting room is already full and I end up sitting next to a woman who apparently loves to small talk. She chooses me to talk to. I hate life right now; my bladder and back hurt, I'm cold (apparently labs don't believe in heaters), I'm sleepy, and I am grumpy from it all. I, however, have excellent people skills from my years of working in customer service, so I talk and smile and appear very pleasant as we chat about Disney on Ice and Pismo Beach.

I find it odd that they haven't given me a cup yet to go pee in.

Eventually I get called back and when I see that they are going to draw my blood already I ask about giving urine. The tech tells me there is no urine required today and she double checks to be sure. A1c, CBC, lipid, kidney...blah, blah, blah. Nope, none of them are urine, all blood. She asks if I need to use the restroom and I lie and say no.

I have an aversion to using any restroom that is not in my own home. So I continue to suffer in silence. I hate myself at this moment.

She asks if I've been fasting. Yep.

She asks me to verify my name, address, phone number, and birth-date. I do, and then sign the form.

I let her know all the details about every time I get my blood drawn. Which veins they usually end up with, the fact that my veins are deep and small, the fact that they don't like to give up their precious blood, the fact hat I have a lot of scar tissue from years of having IV's and labs and such, and the fact that sometimes the techs end up drawing from my hand or knuckles because, yeah, it's that bad.

She listens and ties of my right arm. She finds the usual vein they all start with and she pokes. She hits gold on her first try. It flows nicely and she is able to draw all four vials with no re-poking. I love her...and for the first time ever, I love being on blood-thinners.

After all is said and done, I rush out to the car in a hurry to get to my toilet. At the car my husband asks where the note for his work is. I run back in to get one and then back out and home.

Once I do my business my back feels much better but not great. I think maybe I just slept wrong or something, but it's no biggie.