No sets!

Yes, I know there have been posts before, but of course who remembers until you need it. I had to change my set and I was in a hurry (of course ) and realized I only have insets which I haven't used for months. I went through all four spares! My set order should be here tomorrow..but meanwhile?

Shots for bolus of course (god is this going to see primative dose wise! And for basal? I do have some left over Levemir (good to July). It's now 5:30 pm and I just disconnected. So should I take a Levemir shot before bed tonight of the 24 hour total of what I've been using for basal on my pump? As long as I get close to right I'm ok. I cancelled my plans for tomorrow so I can wait for UPS and obsess about my blood sugar!

Sounds like you've got the right idea. Just be careful.

Zoe, You will be ok with the adjusted levemir injection and whatever fast-actimg you take for meals. I know you test frequently, so unthered with injections is ok. I just looked: I have have no fresh Lantus in the fridge, so I would have to have my endo call in a script if I had to go untethered and pumpless for a couple of days. Smart to always have some with you.

God Bless,

Boy, Zoe, I just checked that I have an unexpired Levemir pen and that I still have hundreds of syringes. Just got my order today thank goodness. I hope UPS comes early!

I don't have a prescription for lantus /levemir :( ... if this were to happen as you described : I would do NovoRapid every 3 ( plus ) hours and lots of pokes ...what a nuisance this diabetes , incl sleepless night !!Wish you well .

When I was on the pump.a simialr thing happened to me. I called my dr…and did shots until the nxt day. I didn’t have any backround insulin but managed to keep it dwn by testing ev 2 hrs n correcting if I needed to. ups shld come early enough…and ull b back in business. I always kept syringes on me just incase. try not to panic…just keep an eye on ur blood sugars.

Also…if ups doesn’t nt get there early enough…u cld call ur endo dr …they may have a set u cld have untill ups gets there

I switch out my sets every three days but my endo has written a prescription for every 2-3 days which means that I can order an extra box every now and then. It's not that I hoard but I like to have 5-6 extras available at all times.

Forgot to mention ..I do order a box of 1/2 u needles every so often ...have not run out of those yet .

Yeah, you are right, Maurie, I ran it way too close.

On the way home I thought about it and think I will split the Levemir dose, partially that's because that's how I did it before and partially because the idea of taking 11 units of insulin before bed freaks me out (even though I know it's long acting).

Btw I took my bolus with a syringe and it freaks me out how inexact those lines are! I always used pens before. Syringes are so not exact (and really small to older eyes!)I bolused what I thought was a one unit correction because I was at 163 before leaving the house and ended up at 34...yikes!I'm guessing I took 2 units not 1. Hopefully that is the worst snafu of this adventure.

Thanks everyone.

My UPS usually comes late afternoon, Jessica and I don't have an endo. But I cancelled a planned trip over the mountain tomorrow and will just stay hear and keep close watch on my blood sugar.

Hi Zoe: I am so sorry! I have rarely gone off my pump so fear I am not much for good advice. Just test, test, test. Let us know how it goes and when the box arrives!

Glad to be of service in reminding people what they need to keep on

Thanks, Melitta. I'm kicking myself for playing it so close (and then going through 4 sets!).

I knew the shipment went out today so I was assuming it would come tomorrow. I just checked UPS and it isn't due until next Tuesday! I forgot Animas uses the slow boat from China delivery system! I just called and they're closed, so I'll call in the morning and see if they can overnight some sets. This is going to be a bit longer winging it than I thought! Oh well, just took 6 units Levemir. My basal dose from the pump is 11 units for 24 hours so I'll take 5 in the morning. I did look and saw my dose before the pump was actually 16 so I'll probably be high but at the moment high is just fine with me! Never a dull moment, but always lessons learned with this crazy D!

Yes, I am replying to my own post again this morning! I think I'm handling this ok, though I had a hard time sleeping last night. (First I had to take the battery out of my Ping so it would stop singing to me) and woke up very early (for me) anxious to call Animas. They didn't seem as gracious as I expected (or maybe it was my anxious morning brain!) and kept saying, we try to avoid emergency provisions. They asked me if I could get sample sets from my doctor. I laughed and told them my clinic pcp wouldn't even know what a set was. Then they said I would have to pay for the expedited shipping. The reason I ran out of sets is I'm very tight financially till July and tried to stretch the sets too close. But what can I do? I'm not doing this until Tuesday! I said fine and they said they would send me a "sample" two-pack for $30 and $30 more for the expedited shipping. I said $30 is only a little less than what I pay for a full box with insurance. So they checked and realized my Tuesday order isn't a full order so they will send me a box to be billed to my insurance and I will only pay for the $30 expedited. And here I thought "samples" were free, and so was expedited shipping in an emergency! Maybe their policies have changed.

So I have today and part of tomorrow to get through (my UPS usually comes late afternoon). I was 180 at bedtime but didn't want to correct as my correction factor at night is 62 and I didn't trust those syringe doses. How do people use those with any degree of accuracy?! I took 5 units Levemir at bedtime. I woke up at 260 and corrected with 3 units this morning. (correction factor of 40). Four made me nervous. I guess I need to resign myself to being high (but not 300, please!) for a couple days..sigh

I'm undecided whether to take two doses of Levemir for 24 hours adding up to my current total basal (11 units) or what I was on before the pump (16 units). Anybody who did that have a suggestion?

Hi Zoe. I've resigned myself to the fact that everything with diabetes involves guessing. Still if it were me, I'd take a split dose -- that small input, small problem idea. Remember that over time Levemir begins to build up in your system, not an enormous amount, but noticeable if you're insulin sensitive. Therefore you should probably turn down your basal a bit temporarily when you go back to pumping.

I've pretty much resigned myself that I'm now off the pump permanently (probably!). I use a Levemir pen and 1/2 dose syringes for Apidra and Regular. I do hold that syringe up to a bright light when I take a shot! My A1C is not as good as when I was on the pump, but I'm getting by. Good luck!

Thanks, Trudy. I'm glad you're doing ok back on shots. I hope the 1/2 dose syringes aren't half as close lines! I actually use insulin syringes (which I never used for insulin) for my cat's nausea medicine and depending on which the vet gets I have the really thin hard to read ones (which also have fragile needles!) or the much thicker kind which are much easier.

Thanks for reminding me too, to turn down my basal doses when I get my pump back on!

I definitely decided on the split dose for exactly the reason you state! I was just trying to decide between the basal dose (11 for 24 hours) or my old Levemir dose of 16. I'll probably settle somewhere in between. Oh such fun!

Somewhere in between sounds good. Give your kitty a pet from me. Can't imagine what I'd think about if my diabetes suddenly disappeared!

Thanks Trudy! You got that right! And it's amazing how little of it we can explain to "civilians"! I was rushing to get to an event on time last night which contributed to my blowing through all those insets! When I did get there I muttered something about a "minor crisis". When I pushed back my auto repair appointment again to next week I mumbled "medical thing".

That's why I come on here to share the mundane details of my D life. Lula (the cat) just thinks thinks the solution to everything is to cuddle and allow me to pet her - she's probably right!

For future reference another source for sets would be your local Animas rep.

A couple things I’ve done to minimize the risk of running out is to always always reorder as soon as I open my last box. I’ve also used autoship successfully and get a few sets ahead for emergencies.

Thanks Diane, I didn't think of that. Is the local Animas rep the person who was my trainer? Or maybe it's the sales rep who I first contacted? Not even sure I have that number! Anyway it's on its way and will arrive tomorrow.

Yes, you are absolutely right, I was waiting till last minute to put the bill forward to when I actually have some