No, This Is Why You're Fat!

Interesting reading.

Interesting. Do take the article with a grain of salt, it depends a lot on PCRM background, not the best source of objective info. I always thought

It was funny to see this as my husband and I were discussing how hard it is to afford the healthy food we know we need. It’s a shame that I can buy 5 boxes of starchy pasta for what I’d pay for a package of fresh chicken or 3 heads of lettuce. Stretching our grocery budget to eat well really cuts into other areas in our life. It’s a shame that so much money goes to the beef/meat industry when we really should be supporting our local farmers. Not only for the economy but for the sake of our health. Just a reminder to people: since Spring and Summer is approaching, remember your Farmer’s Market. These are really the places to go!

If you consider how much money you spend on food compared to other things in your life, you will realize that for most Americans, food costs are not very high. If you spend 10% of your income on food, then you could drop the pasta and eat only the best grain fed beef and organic sustainable veggies. Think about it, and don’t forget to visit to find a local farmer(s) in your area who can supply you quality food within your new food budget.