No time to test

I've been so busy lately that I feel as though I don't have time to test.

Go to my blog to read my full dilemna.

Just left you a similar comment on your blog…

You know how important it is to test and test often (no less than 4 times a day), so I won’t go into that.

Another alarm you could set up is in your e-mail program (if you use Outlook or something like that).

Take care, man. You are too important to too many people…

I wonder (geeks, out there?): this calls for a little application that we could offer people with diabetes, to help with reminders. Any ideas? Most likely Google has something that we can use.

Thanks Manny. I know I try hard to get in testing. Its not as difficult at work as it is in class. I dont worry miss that important fact or possible test question the teach is getting ready to say. And it usually causes a distraction of other students also.