No trading it and Diab question

About that trade-in bit.and a diab. problem. by JB.

This morning Jo was reading my postings and I had to promise NOT to trade her in. In view of the prevailing opinions of all of you I will not trade her in for several 20-year youngs. I’m tough but may not survive to have two or tree 20-year youngs asking me for favours… LOL. A pitty though!
After all who but Jo would be successful in driving me into the shower and watching that I don’t carry an umbrella in with me. I don’t like to get wet. I know there are dry shampoos and I tried one of them once, came out of the shower looking scary white all over. Giving Jo a real scare! Now my efforts to get the umbrella into the shower won’t work anymore, she knows my tricks.
Well, I thought I bring you up to date on this Sunday morning.

Here is another problem with diabetes.
Normally, when I test for bl. sug. at bed time I take the appropriate dose of Lantus plus some Humelog if needed.
Lately I notice that with the proper dose at bed time, my readings at 3 am and 7 am are far too low. Anyone else
has this also? Never used to be. When I take both insulins at an even and reduced amount it seems to work better.
Would the dose requirements change that much at getting on with age?

Thank you for your replies.
JB, that’s me!