No, You Don't Understand

Continuing on with NaNoWriMo. Just trying to make people understand…

No, You Don’t Understand

Hi Courtney:

I read your blog, which is very informative and passionate. Being a Type 2, I have had similar situations and I can definitely relate to your experiences (did you notice that I did not say, “I understand?”). I also don’t like testing my blood sugar in front of others. While I don’t mind talking about my condition, some things are just private.

I have had to also deal with the embarassing symptom of my hands start shaking when I am experiencing a low. My wife and I were buying a car, sitting at a desk, when my hands started shaking and I started feeling bad. Our sales person had also noticed “my shakes”. It irritated me. I looked at her and explained that I was T2, that my blood sugar was low, and that I needed to take a break for lunch and that I would return in 45 minutes. When we returned, she gave me a concerned look and asked if I was ok. I choked it down and said yes.

I have struggled with answering such questions, but I am just as guilty as asking them myself. When I meet T1s and T2s for the first time, I usually ask if they are taking care of themselves. This is an area of concern for me. Call it a passion if you will. By the way, you are to be commended for your A1C, your determination, and your self control. You definitely understand.

You have hit the nail on the head. I am also tired of “understanding” people. The only thing I hate worse are the people that want to argue with me about me being a diabetic. Here are some stupid reasons I was given why I should not be a diabetic.

  1. You do not eat a lot of sugary foods. I actually prefer salty foods.

  2. You do not test or give yourself shots in front of everyone.

  3. If you take pills instead of shots then you are not a true diabetic. (I am now on six shots a day.)

  4. You do not look like a diabetic.

Some people make me feel that I should announce that I am a diabetic when I enter the room. I want to be treated just like everyone else. Diabetes is not contagious.

If I were presented with #4, I would have to reply:

“And you do not look ignorant, but your statement betrays you.”

That was good Travis, I’m gonna have to remember that one…“And you do not look ignorant, but your statement betrays you.”…yes, that’s definitely a good one.