"No, Your Honor, It's An Insulin Pump."

Wihle I was sitting in a local courtroom recently, a bailiff took issue with my constant pump and CGM checking courtesy of some Low blood sugars. Here’s how I responded to him, and overall what was needed to avoid standing before the judge and getting arrested on Disruptive Courtroom Insulin Pump Button-Pushing… Head on over to The Diabetic’s Corner Booth. Have you ever faced anything like this?

I went to watch a trial last year and they were cool about it, no hassles or anything like that. Come to think of it, I went twice as it got continued the first time. Perhaps the good thing about my situation it is that I will be there with the lawyers I work with if I need some “backup”. I went to a mediation once as well, on one of the more intense cases in my career. Pretty much you hang out and kibbitz while the mediator runs back and forth between the pltf’s side and the defendant’s side. It was like a 5 or 6 hour deal so there was lots of kibbitzing.

I laughed and cringed reading your post. I am in court sometimes daily, (as an atty) and can relate. The bailiff who did not get what your instrumentation was, is more common than we would like to admit. It reminded me of the time my CGM kept going off . I was in court with a judge I knew pretty well, and opposing counsel. The funny thing is I kept ignoring the beeps, by hitting escape and of course the beep would periodically reappear. It annoyed me so much, I have really shied away from my CGM, even though I should use it . I hope this time around, I can be taught how to deal with the beeps, because they drove me crazy.Not to mention, that , like you the CGM would give a reading of 55 and the bg monitor reading was 70. Other than that, I have never had a problem. The guys at the security check in sometimes give me a hard time. When I tell them it is a pump, I don’t think they know what it is.

That “hawk-eyed baliff who took an issue with someone not watching the judge’s every word” is more common than you might realize. The bailiff is mostly parrotting the judge’s orders not to allow anything but his/her own voice to be heard in “their” courtroom. Sometimes that judge’s robe brings them special powers that makes everyone else not in that robe disappear.
I’ve spent some time in courtrooms for various (non-legal) reasons and it isn’t all Perry Mason drama in the average remand court. There are hours going by with people not being present and cases being carried and dismissed and rescheduled ad infinitum, while I’ve had to sit patiently waiting for my turn or the turn of whoever I’m with. It gets boring after awhile! Once in a small town courtroom (where perhaps the judge is also the mayor or some other town official ?) the bailiff took offence that I would DARE work quietly on a notebook or even a crossword puzzle. This sort of “disrespect” was not allowed and I was asked to leave! And it was the bailiff who was creating the disruption with his questions to me. I had not uttered a word or squeaked a tune or beeped any warning. But I wasn’t watching the judge 100% of the time or hanging on his every morsel of wisdom. Apparently that is a No No and my disrespectful little self was summarily dismissed! Hey, at least they didn’t confiscate my puzzle book!
I thought you were VERY polite to what was likely a power-hungry bailiff and I’m pretty sure I could conjure up a few shekels for your bail next time your CGM misbehaves - but beware of those disruptive pocket puzzle books!