Nocturnal misadventures

I am a type 2 married to a long time type 1, who is of course on insulin. For a couple of months I have tried to get my husband to reduce his carb intake.( I’m a low carber) He was still following diabetes UK’s high carb diet, but has gained far too much weight and his kidneys are a bit down on function. I am succeeding and his insulin requirement is down to half and his weight down by about 7 pounds,kidneys are stable. All good!!
Last night I was woken by crashing at 3 am. At first I thought the cats were messing about, which they sometimes do. However it was my husband, having a hypo and had got out of bed to go downtairs for a glucose drink. I had reminded him to take some up a few days ago. He fell over on his clothes stand, demolished it and the vanity shelf, knocking loads of stuff, including a TV onto the floor. I went down for the drink for him and checked his sugar. After the drink, it was 3.2.(60) This morning, he realised he’d taken his bedtime glargine.dose twice. It certainly shows how much better the lower carb diet is. He’d taken the amount of glargine, which he used to have every night. and he’s lost a little weight,about 7 pounds!

Hana, so sorry he had to go through that!

Imagine how much worse he would have been if he had taken twice as much of the LARGER dose. Though hopefully he’ll come up with some way to make sure that particular mistake doesn’t happen again. And I hope he’s keeping a good watch on the blood sugars for the next couple days because Lantus lasts a LONG time.

You can be sure I’ll be there nagging. I have been trying to keep him on the straight and narrow and coping with what goes wrong for most of our nearly 40 year marriage. The worst was 25 years ago when he ended up in intensive care for a week after a doctor made a mistake and gave him intravenous glucose, when he was already high. We didn’t have HBGM then!
Here in Britain, it’s almost impossible to sue a doctor. Luckily a young doctor used his brains and my husband survived. Without that young man, he would not have.
PS the TV has survived too.