Noisy pump

My son just received a replacement pump and it is really noisy when you rewind and load cart and when he does a bolus. Is this normal? The previous pump was not like this at all. I thought over time it would get less noisy but it has not.

I was shocked at how much louder the ping is compared to my old paradigm!!! Ive grown used to it now

I got a replacement as well and it was twice as loud. Not much to offer other than “yeah, me too”

I have nothing to compare it to…but I hear mine rewind, prime, bolus, and sometimes the basal. Not sure how the sound level on mine compares to your new or old one, but I’m used to it at this point…

Weird. I got a refurbished pump last week, programmed it yesterday.
I was walking around holding it in the air and telling my husband it made a lot more noise rewinding than my old pump!
I’m holding on to my other pump for one week before I return it, just in case…

Funny I did the same thing, held on to the old pump for a little longer, just in case. We’ve had the new pump for about a month and it works fine.

Mine has always been really noisy. I can hear it when it’s doing the basal, too.

I’m used to mine too, but when I first got it I thought it was a lot louder than my old Minimed Paradigm…

My first pump, question is does it make noise YES. is it normal? I guess!