Nominate @TuDiabetes for the Health Shorty Awards

If you have a Twitter account, please take a minute to nominate @tudiabetes for the health category at the Shorty Awards:

The Shorty Awards are like the Oscars on Twitter (for lack of a better comparison).

If it’s more convenient for you, here’s a sample tweet you can post:
"I nominate @tudiabetes for a Shorty Award in #health because…"
making sure to add why you are nominating TuDiabetes.

With your help we stand a REAL chance to become finalists in this category. At the time of this post, we’re #6 among all nominees. The five users with the highest rank in each official category become finalists.

Hi there!!!.

Welcome to “,”; people be touched by diabetes.

Nutritionist degree
Diabetes Educator

Okay, I don’t have a Twitter account. But this didn’t stop me! I created an account (toke me less than a minute) and votes just for how great is this community. We are stronger together.

Thanks so much, Al!!!

done! good luck!

We’ve gone down in the rankings for the #health Shorty Awards. We’re now in 4th place, as you can see (we got to be as high as #2). If we fall off the top 5 we will loose the chance to be finalists in the Health Category. Please support us.

Go to:
and say why you nominate @tudiabetes for the #health Shorty Awards.

right now we are 4th. can we vote more than once?

I think it’s possible. You can try: it doesn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

ok, I just voted again, and it took it. I’d like to point out to everyone that the three that are in front of us have received DOUBLE DIGIT votes in the category QUACKERY. (sorry for the caps)

I nominate @Tudiabetes for a Shorty Award in # health because we need more sights like this. Diabetes is a
terrible disease, and the more we can learn the better. Also, we as a whole can talk and support each other.
It is more like a big family. It makes life with Diabetes not so bad. The pain and suffering we have to go through
is unending, and the friends that we make on here, plus all the information we get is so beneficial to us all.

Kathy, click here to vote - winning this would be a big win for diabetes awareness!

We have a one vote in “bacon”???

It’s a long story, Al! :slight_smile:

ok, click here for the rules - evidently, you aren’t helping if you vote for @tudiabetes more than once - and it won’t count also if you don’t enter a reason for your vote.