Non-belt case for G4?

Love the tallygear products as well. I had mine made with 3 pockets so they can also hold other 'gear' like meter, strips, etc.

I was searching for a suitable aftermarket case, and found nothing - still. I did, however, find waterproof pouches that are big enough for either dex on, if anyone's interested. They were in the cell phone section.

I was also very disappointed in the case. Can't believe they didn't make the case like the 7+, where you could look at it while it was on your belt. I don't want to have to completely unwrap the thing every time I need to look at it.

I looked everywhere and the best case that I could find was a Sony walkman armband from a company called Riot Outfitters. It's about 25 bucks. I got it at Best Buy, but you can buy them online also. I cut the armband part off. It is made of neoprene and fits like a glove. It does give some protection in case she drops it. I agree that the case is really badly designed. My daughter doesn't look at it nearly enough, and having it in a case that you have to open is a really bad idea!

Kerri’s November 27 post at her blog, SixUntilMe discussed her views on her G4 experience so far. In the comments, one person mentioned the ID case by Vera Bradley. It was mentioned later on the comments that it is a little big for the Gen4, but still works very well.

This is the comment and link that was given:

Amy - a bunch of us use these. They were more practical for the Seven+ but the G4 fits, with some extra space

The link to Kerri’s post is:

I had seen the tallygear before but didn't know that they made them with clear pockets. Once I saw that, I ordered one for her so that she can use it when she has small pockets or not pockets in her pants. It will make a good stocking stuffer and I think it will be more comfy than the Spibelt for her. Thanks for the info!

I felt I needed something to protect it so I left the top part of the case intact but cut off the bottom part that folds over and snaps. It stays in there pretty tightly.

There’s a company online that has all types of skins called (but none that fits a G4) so I sent them the dimensions and asked that they consider manufacturing G4 skins. We’ll see…

I read somewhere that an LG Chocolate phone case might work for the G4. The dimensions are close, but no exact. The Chocolate disappeared a few years ago, but you can still get cases from eBay.

I just ordered a black silicone case and will see how it works on the G4. I’ll report back. I don’t think that the hard cases will work, because the G4 is 0.2 inches longer than the phone. But I assume the silicone will stretch. If it works, there will probably be a run on LG Chocolate cases which will double in price from $2.99 to $6.

Silicone cases don't slide in and out of pockets well at all. That is what we discovered with both a phone case and the Dexcom skins. That is why I didn't even look at them. The neoprene does slide and doesn't pick up lint either. I tried to make a case out of some neoprene I had, but it just didn't work out well enough to look good. I didn't want to spend the 25 bucks and then cut the straps off, but after all of my searching and efforts to make one, I was glad to just go and buy it. It fits really tightly, but is easy to take off also.

They ARE comfortable, and Donna will make them to your specs if you don't see a configuration you like. I have 3 - just about live in them.

When I used the silicone case on my 7+, it did cause static which occasionally caused my unit to shut off. Forgot about that when I ordered the silicone case. Fortunately I’ll only be out $3 if it doesn’t work.

When I look at all the cases that Dexcom has used, it really makes me wonder if they do any customer testing at all. This current case is hugely masculine and also stupid to have a flap covering the screen since most people check their BG readings often.

Hey tudiabetes folks,

OK, I have been reading the case comments on the G4 over the past few weeks. I was never a fan of the 7 cases either, and had some prototypes made but obviously that one is being phased out so I am going to start working on a G4 case, I get my G4 in a week or two but in the meantime I wanted to know if any of you would like to give me inputs on what you want out of a case for the G4 - what I am thinking is get everyone's input, make some prototypes, send you some to try out, then go into production with them.

Please email me if you want to participate, I would like to get at least 5 people if I can, you are free to keep the prototypes to use as well!. Email is:

Chris..snug fitting, clear or open front for both the screen and buttons, thin enough to not add bulk, and still fit comfortably in a pocket. NOT black!! A place to attach a carabiner to clip on belt loops so it's secure in the pocket, or can be clipped elsewhere. Hope you can come up with something!

MaryMary-I ended up buying the same case at Best Buy but mine's by Rocketfish. It looks identical to the Riot Outfitter one, but $1 cheaper The front is gray leather with yellow stitching so it doesn't look fabulous with my pink G4. But I feel better having some protection on my receiver.

I think that the ideal case would have a leather front like the case that came from Dexcom. But then the back should be a slip in neoprene like the Riot outfitters/Rocketfish cases. Black would be good or even better they could come in various colors to match the G4 colors.

I have one more case coming from Amazon that might work, but so far everything else i've tried has been a dud. I'm waiting to get up the courage to cut apart the leather case from Dexcom, but I don't think it will look great with one side completely cut off.

As Mary mentioned in her post, this case is an armband case so you have to cut off the straps. Super easy to do and looks OK once you do it.

Speaking of waterproof, I just picked up this waterproof case at REI for $20. It's supposedly waterproof at 1 meter for 30 minutes which as I recall is the same as the Dexcom transmitter.

Here's the manufacturers page

That is interesting that it is the exact same color and stitching and all. Michael won't use his case, so I could get it and do something with it, but not sure what would work. Are you talking about cutting the clip part off? Melissa does use it when she is wearing jeans with tiny pockets. I would be a nervous wreck if she didn't have that neoprene case. And it does fit like a glove. Hopefully there are people figuring out how to make a great case. Of course it should be Dexcom.

A DEX rep told me yesterday that they are going to outsource the cases so they can "focus on the main product." Clearly they did not consider their consumer when they redesigned their current case for the G4. I also accused them of not doing comprehensive cgm consumer research. Their focus was on accuracy (good) and colors (not good). Per the rep. But there is also the usability factor that is also important. In 2012, product companies still can't attend to more than one or two parts of their products at a time when they seek to improve them. Pitiful.

I just found something that's pretty good, for me at least. And it was on the clearance rack at BB, so I got 2 !
It is a 'Armband for Sony Walkman', made by RIOT Outfitters. I cut off the armband part, and used a marker to color the outer trim.

There is clear plastic covering the front, so it’s a little harder to press the buttons, but not too bad. The back part is a stretchy neoprene, so it’s a snug fit, and covers most of the back side.

I’ve also heard that cases for Ipod Nano 7th Gen might also fit, since the dimensions are very close.

I cut most of the front surface off of a silicone first-generation Nano case I had lying around and it will stretch to just fit. But it's a tight fit. And boy does it look that way.

Heading to Fry’s tomorrow to see if I can find something that fits a little better - there must be some mp3 player out there that is close to this size, right?

Silicone cases don't slide in and out of pockets well at all.

That's exactly why I like them. They don't slide anywhere: they're "grippy" as well as protective from impact.

That is the one I bought and posted about, but paid full price of 24.99. How much did you get them for, not sure if I want to try to get another one at this time of year. If they are even on sale at all of the stores? They are still regular price online.