Non-belt case for G4?

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Hello Lathump,

I just got my G4, and after checking out the receiver I got the case out. Wow, forget about the masculinity, it is just a complete mess with the snaps and flaps, never mind the crappy slippery clip... I had expected something not good based on discussions here, but even with my lowered expectations my first impression was 'this thing is terrible'!

All the more motivation to jump on making a case for real world users :)

I actually cut off the whole flap piece so the Dex is completely uncovered on one side. If I had to do it again, I'd leave more of the flap piece to see if it would tuck into that side. Actually It might be a good idea to just take off the clip and use it with the whole fold over piece. Then the next step might be to cut off the piece that snaps. Then more of the fold-over piece. With the interim steps you might find something that works.

It's not bad how I did mine. The Dex won't fall out, but it shifts a little bit in there. Obviously the cut off side looks "cut off", so it's not a thing of beauty. But as much as I like the looks of the new receiver, I don't think it's very sturdy. I assume that as long as I don't actually lose it that damage from reasonable use would get me a replacement. But I don't want to go there.

I ended up cutting my leather case like you. It's OK, but I actually find the leather circle makes it a little harder to operate the buttons. So I'm back to the case I got at Best Buy per MaryMary's recommendation. If it weren't gray on the front, I'd be perfectly satisfied. I'm also waiting for one from Amazon that someone at Dexcom told me about (even though she told me that they are not allowed to "recommend" anything.) The Amazon case is designed for a Blackberry phone. I'll report back here if it's any good.

I hope that will start making a skin.

MaryMary - I missed your earlier post, but funny that I found the same one !.

They were only $3 each, and couldn't believe it fit so well.
I'm still trying to find a way to add a clip to it, but the neoprene back is not quite strong enough for the one I tried.

I paid full-price of $25 at Best Buy also. At least I had a $10 gift card to offset the price.

Wow, what a steal! I did go to see if they had any at our Best Buy, and they didn't have any left at any price.