Non-diabetic, healthy son has pre-hypertension

My 21 year old son just told me that he has been getting higher blood pressure results at the doctor’s. They dismissed it as “white coat hypertension.” He had a lot of doctor visits recently due to mononucleosis. I tested him a couple of times with my machine and he was around 135/75. He is very thin, extremely active, doesn’t smoke and eats a very healthy diet. He has had asthma since he was a baby but I don’t think there is a link between asthma meds and high blood pressure. I have Type 1.5 and my first symptom was high BP so I am a bit concerned. I tested his BG also and it was 121 at about 45 mins after eating, and 92 at 1 hour and 15 mins so that seems normal. I think he should get a check up and cholesterol test. Any one got any other ideas?

white coat hypertension means that it is higher when he first walks in. i have high blood pressure, and they always write down the number at the END of the doctor visit, not the white coat one. all of those numbers you posted are normal numbers.

his BP is by no means high at this time.

Greetings Libby!..I understand how concerned you must be, I too have children that age…once a mom, always a mom…regardless of their age! …Have your son take his B.P. daily , in order to discern a pattern…some docs are sticklers for numbers and frequency of said numbers…I was 165/100 before my G.P. agreed that it was a definite high B.P. reading…I’m now on 2 meds to keep it down…same w my diabetes…I started by having hypoglyceomea, then pre-diabetes and my doctor telling me that he would not consider diabetes 'till my fasting sugars were 11(198)??? I too have Asthma, and I find that if I must take my reliever inhaler, Ventolin (blue cap)…it WILL raise my BP, but not excessively. Be persistant…it’s the squeeky wheel that gets the oil!..All the best, linda in canada.

I have asthma, and depending which meds I take, it certainly can raise my BP.IMHO something to keep an eye on–an ounce of prevention as they say