Non- diabetic (yet) found out I'm having higher BGs and very confused

I’m having quite mixed feelings this past week. I’ve been wearing my Libre CGM and have found out that my BG has been spiking up to the low 200s at some points throughout the day. I’ll wake up multiple times in the middle of the night with my BG in the 140s-150s even though it’s been 5+ hours since I had eaten. I wake up every morning with a fasting BG of anywhere between 105-125. Yesterday my BG was completely normal all day! I’m so confused as to what is happening. I didn’t have any lows and my BG never spiked. I’ve been tempted to call my endo and talk about the higher BGs and see if she’d want me to come in. I have an appointment next Tuesday. Now I’m feeling stupid and like I shouldn’t call becasue my BG was completely normal yesterday. I’ve been nervous over all of this so any words of encouragement are appreciated!

It will be ok! Nothing you are describing requires urgent action before your appointment, you can definitely wait until then. That said, your blood sugar is going into diabetic ranges if those numbers are accurate (I’ve heard the Libre can be systematically off, but even. so, seems like at least some of those readings would likely still be high). It is not unusual for people in early stages to have inconsistencies moment to moment or day to day since your pancreas is clearly able to meet most of your insulin needs right now, just not all of it, all of the time. Your endo will be able to discuss options with you re: how to help it do that better, and may depends on whether it seems like you have T1 or T2D (there are blood tests that help inform that) in terms of what options make the most sense. If you do have either one, you caught it early, so that is a very good thing!! Again, it will be ok, and there is no immediate danger even from the occasional 200-level blood sugars you are describing.

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You may possibly be in what is know as the Honeymoon phase. Your pancreas my be failing but hasn’t completely given up. Many early diabetics experience this honeymoon, it is different for each. Your pancreas can be unpredictable in the honeymoon phase.

In you first post on this forum you described what may be reactive hypoglycemia, you were give a Libre which has also revealed high blood glucose at times. perhaps the high glucose is what is triggering the reactive hypoglycemia.

I appears to me that your endo is doing all the right things, the Libre sensor is something that not many patients will be given. In an abundance of caution I would suggest you at least call your endo and let her decide if low 200s readings are an immediate concern. I think not but I am not a doctor.

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I hope your doctor is on top of the types you might be. Many doctors assume you are type2 based on your age and weight.

However we are seeing more type1 LADA people being diagnosed.

If it were me, I would ask your doc to test for c peptide to give you an idea of how much insulin your body is making and also the type1 antibody tests.

From there you can get a better treatment idea
I would not accept an guess based on his or her assumptions.

I had tested my daughter when she was younger just cause. And she often was in the 140s 150s. I asked her doctor and she said it was normal for kids to be like that.
She’s 16 now and seems fine. So I guess her doctor knows.
I really don’t want her to join this club.