"Non-Invasive" Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Very Interesting emerging alternative:


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I am in a wait-and-see mode on this one. You know how the FDA is.

Very interesting, wonder what the non-inusrance cost is…and how long the “band-aid” lasts–new one every day–and how allergenic is the adhesive?

It will be great especially for children,hope it will not be expensive

I’m sure this will cost a fortune like everything else related to diabetes. The healthcare industry has a mainline of financial support coming from our pockets.

I remember something from at least 10 years ago that was called “the dream beam” - it was going to look like a watch, and it was going to cost $700. I was so ready to put my money down, and somehow the FDA put the kabosh on the product.

Burning through the dead cells of the upper skin is invasive for me - it seems that “pain free” suits better here. It is an interesting solution to access body liquids. It will be interesting to hear how individuals perceive this technology. If it is really pain free then the advantage for children and their parents is tremendous.

I am a little bit concerned about the use of RFID though. Readability within 2 inch is very low and secure. But RFID patches are passive so they get their energy from the signal that is reaching them. With increased signals is can be possible to widen the range of the RFID transmitter - at least this is my understanding of RFID so far. Maybe these concerns prove wrong due to the design of the transmitter.

I see they have only tested it on animals and self, but I think I would require a bit more human tests before deeming it “virtually pain free”…