Non-refrigerated alternatives to soda to raise low BG

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to eat more healthy. When my blood sugar is low I’ll have a small amount of soda to bring it back up along with some complex carbs. For me it helps a lot to have my sugars come back up quickly and be stabilized by complex carbs. In the past I used to just have a granola bar, but it would take forever for my BG to come back up and my mind would be struggling to meet the demands of work so I started using soda to bring it up quickly.

I’m looking for an alternative to soda that can help bring my blood sugar quickly while meeting the following criteria:

-doesn’t require refrigeration (I’ve got to store it at the office)

I’ve thought about fruit juice, but I believe that most of them need to be refrigerated(I could be wrong). I’m not really sure of good alternatives.

Does anyone know if glucose tablets get into the blood stream as fast as soda?

What do you use to bring up your lows quickly?

Thanks in advance.

Dried fruit.
Sweet tarts or smarties.

They do for me. I find I can increase the speed of the glucose tab absorption by chasing it with a glass of water.

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Juicy Juice boxes, 4.23 oz, 15g carbs. No refrigeration needed.

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I think juice boxes don’t generally have to be refrigerated

I personally use a pouch of fruit snacks to treat lows but I’m not sure if they work as quickly as soda. I just like that I can buy a box of like 100 at Costco and the packs are small enough to throw in my pocket

Smarties, and if I need it faster, drink water. This works the best for me.

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We use Skittles and juice boxes, my son doesn’t like glucose tablets.

Gatorade. They have small bottles w 23g carbs. There is also glucose in it so that is good for raising sugars fast. No need to refrigerate.

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Skittles. One gram of carbohydrate each. Easy to figure even with a muddles brain. Chased with water.


I also find Gatorade to be incredibly effective. It’s nice to use a drink to correct lows because sometimes I’m full or I don’t have a lot of time. Drinking is much easier in those circumstances.

I buy a bigger bottle and drink small amounts to bump up my sugar to the right range. The bottles say they’re supposed to be refrigerated after opening, but I don’t bother with that.

Gatorade does have sodium though, so that may be a concern for some people.


I just use a 4 - 5 g sachet of sugar. The type one gets given at every coffee shop, whether one wants them or not. I can take 1/2 to 1 sachet as required. Cheap, convenient, and not tempting to eat when one is not low (and won’t be eaten by small people with sticky fingers who venture into their parents’ bag).

I use the small boxes of coconut water when I’m at yoga but I juice boxes by the bed and in my classroom.

Applesauce pouches are my favorite go to. The pouches are shelf stable, easy to pack, and don’t break open easily on their own at the bottom of a backpack or tote bag. I also keep glucose tabs on hand.

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Smarties candy:
Fastest acting form of sugar (dextrose)
Easily measured (6 grams of carbs)
Cheap and easy to find
Mild flavor (Not tempting for me unless I need them)


i agree with glucose dextrose tabs, not tempting and i’ll add one more reason no sugar crash afterwards

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If I’m not too low but headed there 15g of raisins but otherwise a tube of smarties =6g carbs. One sometimes two and BG is up fast. Super cheap and I have them in all my jacket pockets, beside the bed in my truck.

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I use a small box of raisins (23g carbs). I also like the GU packs (around 28g carbs) that you can find at GNC, Amazon, and running stores.

Not a fan of glucose tabs, but they do raise sugar quickly, and I keep them in the car.

My favorite is fruit snacks! Motts are a good adult brand. The packets are portable and measured. Raises my sugar quickly. And I like them!

Glucose tabs work as fast as soda. Skittles, Mike and Ike, Smartys and even licorice work quickly because it’s straight sugar - no fat or protein to slow it down. Sugar packets from a restaurant work great too.

You don’t have to refrigerate soda.

You could carry an energy drink and mix it with water as needed.

The suggestion of candy below is a popular option.