Nondiabetic blood sugars?

After some high sugars when I was sick and had my period my BS seems to have returned to “normal” levels. Do nondiabetics have raised BS during these events too?

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My wife can eat a whole bag of Chips-ahoy cookies and 1 hour later her BG will test 75mg/dL. And I'm talking about a big bag dunked in a big glass of milk....

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Normally the glucose control in healthy people is very tight. Healthy beta cells can produce up to 20 units per hour. They react to little changes in blood glucose and by directly injecting into the portal vein they achieve a high level of control - not achievable with exogenous insulin.

Many patients in intensive care with traumatic injuries have elevated blood glucose. One study showed that these patients will benefit from better glucose control by administrating insulin (lower mortality rate). If I recall it correctly the outcome was adopted by some hospitals but not with the same success as the study has indicated. Thus I think it is not part of an ICU protocol for treating normal patients in hospitals.