Northern California wildfires


Just checking up on our NorCal members, hoping everything is fine and you are safe.

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The Carr fire has moved up into Trinity County where I live but it has slowed down quite a bit and because it is so big most people are being smart and evacuating before it gets to them. We’ve been experiencing lots of power outages and the air quality is pretty terrible but we are used to this here in the forested parts of northern California.

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Thank you Thank you for starting this thread. I have family in the Bay Area who were vacationing up North. Smokey, but safe. I hope others will check in!


Here a post we created on Beyond Type 1:

Northern California is being affected by a massive wildfire that has caused that more than 1,000 homes have been destroyed in the Carr Fire, this makes it the sixth-most destructive fire in California history. Sadly the fire is only contained in 35% and the worry of new blazes keep the emergency responders working non-stop.

We know that during these kinds of emergencies mandatory evacuations are in order and you have very little time to prepare. We want to share information about how to help or receive help if you have been affected by the wildfires.

In a life-threatening situation
Call 911 – due to the heavy volume of calls, be sure to stay on the line until your call can be answered.
If you are seeking ways to help
The United Way has a Shasta County fires page where you can donate. You can also text “CARRFIRE” to91999 to make a pledge.
Facebook launched a “Crisis Center,” users can donate to a number of fundraisers and offer direct help to survivors.
The Salvation Army also has a donations page.
Haven Humane Society in Anderson is collecting donations to aid pets lost during fire evacuations.
Local group Shasta Regional Community Foundation is also accepting monetary donations, which will go toward short-term and long-term aid in the community.
North Coast Opportunities has set up a wildfire relief fund for affected individuals in Lake and Mendocino counties.
Airbnb is offering some free accommodations to wildfire evacuees. For more information, see their website.
Please note that many shelters have sufficient supplies. Monetary donations may be best, as families can use them to purchase what they need.

Identify the nearest shelter and evacuate as soon as it is mandatory
The Red Cross is encouraging you to list yourself as “Safe and Well.”
Mark yourself “safe” on Facebook
Type 1 diabetes reminders for natural disasters
Identify yourself as someone who has diabetes
Stay hydrated
Keep emergency supplies with you to treat hypoglycemia
Secure insulin – If you can get to a pharmacy, it’s the best way to access your medicines or get emergency supplies.
For Medtronic customers, contact the Toll Free Medtronic Storm Hotline at 1-800-MiniMed, ext. 64545.

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Why when they report wildfires do they insist on saying acres instead of square miles ?

10,000 acres = 156.25 square miles

Square Miles

A measurement of area equal to one mile length by one mile width making an area of 640 acres