Not A Big, Earth-shaking Question, But I'm Curious What Others Do

Do you have a preferred brand of alcohol swabs? Or do you not care and just grab the least expensive ones available?

CVS, I am cheap.

BD, but I use them for more than just diabetes things.

Reli On

Haha, I love that question.
I think the ones I usually take are called Soft-Zellin, and I take them just bc my pharmacy has no others than those...

Top care, the grocery store brand LOL. They're softer than the BD ones to me though.

Least expensive!

I used to use a store brand, but sometimes they would dry out inside the packaging before I used them. Maybe they had tiny pinhole tears? I've never had that problem with BD.

I have a supply of BD swabs I picked up from a study I was involved in years ago. They gave me, like, 3 boxes each visit assuming I'd use one for every injection and fingerstick (LOL). Thank goodness these things don't expire because now I do use one each time I replace my Omnipod.

If I didn't have this supply, I'd go with cotton swabs and a bottle of alcohol.

I found it does make a difference! When you are out and about and down to your last alcohol swab, and it's the cheap brand and you discover it has dried out, you realize the error of your ways. I prefer BD, but I also buy the Target brand all the time (I haven't had the dry-out problem with the Target brand).

Interesting spectrum of replies. Personally I love the BD ones, but I just tried a box of Rite Aid's house brand and they are VERY similar. Not identical to the last decimal place, but close, very close. I asked the pharmacist who manufactures them for Rite Aid and he professed not to know.

I also used to get store brand and had to throw many away as they dried out before I used them. After two boxes of that, I switched to BD and haven't had a problem since.

I don't use alcohol swabs anymore (I used them for years after I first got diabetes) but haven't since I read swabbing was not necessary for injections even if re-using syringes. This is different for pump/cgm users, I assume?

I don't use alcohol swabs, either. I did have one bad infusion site infection 20 years ago. With the tens of thousands of finger pricks, syringe injections, and infusion sites punctures I've experienced over 30 years, I think the skin alone does a pretty good job against infection.

It's my petty rebellion against the endless task of managing all the D supplies I need. Call me bad.

I use BD alcohol swabs to clean the tops of newly opened pens and vials, but I don't bother with my skin. Since I don't use many swabs, I prefer the BD to all the others I've tried because of the others drying out.

Yep. I use them to clean the site before I pop a new set in and to clean the old site when I rip the old set out. Also I use them when I get a splinter which happens a lot playing in the dirt. And they are great for cleaning garden tools, the cheap ones just get shredded but the BD ones can wipe both sides of the Felco clippers and enough left to clean the loppers.

There often isn't much choice in my small town, though I do seem to have purchased a couple different brands over time. They all seem to work fine and I haven't had any experience with drying out, so I don't give thought to brands. I just checked and am using CVS. I use to swab my site before inserting a new set and (when I remember) I also swipe the top of the vial after it's been opened. Funny, I'm the opposite, Trudy, I don't figure the vial needs swiping when it still has its plastic cover on!

Alcohol swabs are also excellent for getting my SPF lip balm off of my wine glass prior to putting in the dishwasher. And I can't tell you the number of times I have been out and about and someone gets a cut or scrape and I am ready with an alcohol swab and a bandaid (including one incident climbing a Mayan ruin).

And yes, I use them for my pump insertion sites and my CGM site. In addition to Mayan ruin scrapes.

I don't use them on my pump or cgms sites. Never have had an infection.

I don't use alcohol swabs but I do mdi.