Not a happy camper

Just got a call about my first A1C result. It’s6.6. I know it could be worse but was hoping for better. I’m trying so hard.

What really made me unhappy was the result for kidney function. I’m now going to be on yet another medication. It’s only once a day. I’ve seen a nephrologist in the past. He did nothing for me so I quit. At one point he was considering doing a biopsy. But made the statement it probably wouldn’t show/prove anything. So I told him we wouldn’t be doing that. I never went back. For two years nothing changed. No treatment. Just easy money every six months for him.

What really concerns me is my dad sees a nephrologist. He gets injections every six weeks. He’s not far from needing dyalissys(sp?). Concerned it may be congenital.

Done ranting. Thanks for listening.

Oh, Thomas, I’m so sorry you’re having such a hard time. HUGS Try not to beat yourself yup too bad. We can only do what you’re doing, and that is to do the best we can, and to fire our doctors when they are not working for us. You are doing really well, and this medication will help protect your kidneys, I am sure… I know its frustrating to be ignored by one doctor until things go way bad… But, you are now on top of it, so things have a better chance of coming out better… You haven’t been diagnosed for very long, and sometimes it takes a little more time for the body to stabilize enough, to get lower BGs, and to have a lesser A1C… Don’t lose heart… :slight_smile: Just focus on some of the numbers you maybe don’t check as usual a little more? Bed time numbers, or some other postprandials, etc… :slight_smile: You’re doing great. Just hang in there.

Thank you so much. I guess I’m just having a little pity party today. But with the big D, heart disease and an incurable untreatable lung disease. I was just hoping it would all stop there. Now this kidney thing has thrown me. Love hugs. We do a lot of that at the hospice center I volunteer at. Thanks.

It’s okay to feel bad… and have an occasional pity party… :wink: Just remember, tomorrow is another day… and our body parts mostly have an extended warranty at best. lol :slight_smile: We’re just people…

Your A1c is pretty darn good, and just being Dx’ed 3 months ago you are doing wonderful! It is okay to have a pity party…you have alot going on. Allow yourself to be human, and we all understand how you are feeling. Just take baby steps and give yourself some credit and a pat on the back. Living with many health problems isn’t easy, but you are here and alive and I am sure making a HUGE difference in others lives. Volunteer at a hospice center? That is very admiral and very much something to be proud of.
I bet in another 3-4 months your A1c will be lower and other things may be better as well. Keep believing in yourself and give life a little lead way…may surprise you. xo

I thought that under 7 was a good number. But if you have been trying hard and expecting lower numbers I can see where it would be a blow to see higher numbers. Sometimes the results just don’t seem fair considering the painstaking work that we put into things. Here is hoping your next results are lower and make all the effort worth it :slight_smile:
I’m sorry to hear about the kidney problems as well. I am becoming concerned about that possibility myself as I have “cloudiness” fairly often.

Yeah…! What she said! :slight_smile:

Hey I’ll treade A1C’s with you!!! Mine is at 8.2. We all here know your trying your best so keep going! YOU CAN DO IT!!! I agree with Robyn that sounds pretty darn good!

Thanks everybody. Yes, 7 or under is good. I bought a home A1C testing kit yesterday. After reading all the included information they did mention that values can vary with the test kit and lab results. That even being tested by the same lab the results may vary.

I think it’s the kidney thing that really got to me. When I was quite young, possible even pre junior high. A doctor with no bed side manner at all. Before even speaking to my parents. Gave me two possible Dx’s. When he gave me the second one he casually told me it it was that. Ther4e was nothing they could do and I’d die. That was back in the 50’s.

Heck I was told I would die before I was 30 and never have kids along with the kidney failure and all. I got 2 grown girls, 3 grandkids and have lived way beyond 30! I’m 47 now and surviving good on the only kidney I was born with! SEE YOU CAN BEAT 'EM!!!

Doris, can you tell me why Michael Jackson is dancing in my head at the moment? lol Good on you kiddo. Besides, I’m to mean to die. Just gonna nasty away little by little.

Oh… Thomas… :slight_smile: We have to just live for the today, the now… Sure, we’re all gonna die one day… Just not today! :wink: You’ve been kicking this D in the butt really well… And soon I am sure it will be better… :slight_smile: Lots of people reading this are looking up to you right now… :slight_smile: Under 7% is fantastic!

Could it be because he sang “beat It”? Well he’s right!!!

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have used the word die. What my intention was, was to point out that kidney has cropped it’s head before. That some a-hole doctor was stupid enough to tell a young boy. Depending on which Dx it turned out to be. He’d die.

I really not thinking I going to die. I don’t fear death. As the person I am now as opposed to the kid. If I was told I had X amount of time. I’d welcome the heads up. Many people don’t get that luxury.

My hospice work has benefited me greatly. Probably more than the residents get from me.

I replied to your post about Michael Jackson but it’s not showing here. My comment was could it have been b/c he sang “Beat it?”


Yep, that’s it Doris. Guess my dry sense of humor got the best of me. Thanks for the hug Lizmari.

Thought so! HA!

How wonderful you’re a hospice volunteer! A friend is a hospice social worker & she sings the praises of the volunteers she works with. Takes an exceptional person to do what you do.

So sorry for the fear & worry about your kidneys. Not a pity party at all.

Adding my hugs, too!


My mother used the hospice facility I work at. She and my dad refused to have strangers in their home. I had to wait a year after she passed. Then took a three week training course. I worked in medicine before this. We cared for my mom at home for four years before her needs outgrew their home. There is an actual waiting list for volunteers at this facility. A majority of the volunteers a family of loved ones who used the facility or home hospice. They even have a specialized team for infants to pre-teens.

We work right with the employees. Depending on your skills you may do anything from making beds to feeding and bathing residents. Taking them out when supervision in needed. But probably most importantly. Listening to them. They’ll often say things to a stranger they don’t say to families. Some times you just sit with them. If a family requests it. We go and sit with a resident through the wee hours of night and morning until the family can return.

It’s expanding but started out a sixteen bed facility. There four nurses and nursing assitants on duty 24/7. That’s four resident each. With the volunteers. Call lights get answered within seconds. If it’s more than a volunteer can handle they get the residents nurse or NA.

Most people think it would be depressing. It isn’t at all. There is always a feeling of tranquility, peace and love. You feel it the moment you walk through the door. I’ve been privileged to be present when a number of residents pass over. Most are very peaceful. But then those are the ones who have accepted their place in time. Those who fight the inevitable or are in denial to the very end. Sometimes don’t go peacefully. Knowing hearing is the last sense to go. We talk to them or pray even while in their death coma. With many you can see the face and body relax. Many have a slight smile at the very end.

I also work with the bereavement team.