Not a leg to stand on

I have blood tests again this morning 9am our time this will be the 5th time I have given blood in the past 6 weeks 3 of those blod tests including todays are fasting ones so it will be over 12 hours since I last had anything to eat well tea was 6pm last night so you worl it out, how the nurses can expect a diabetec to go all that time without food is worrying well to me anyway, I know what happens if my blood sugars drop low and it is not funny in fact the time leading up to a hypo is distressing to say the least.

It means I cannot take my morning medication for my heart or prostrate and cannot have victoza or insulin until the blood tests are finished so today could be an difficult one,cutting down the ramipril by 50% has lessened the giddy spells I had been having these were being caused by very low pressure due to the ramipril.

So here I am telling you all about it and i have been awake dressed and shaved ready for the doctors since 5am how time drags when you are having fun.

Yesterday while taking some cardboard to the re-cycling bin my right leg just gave in on me no warning I did not slip but I certainly fell knocking my head on the garden gate this is not hte first time my leg has given way I normally get cramp or pins and neddles then it gives way but yesterday it happened without any of these symptoms.

Wiating for physio on my right shoulder doctor thinks it arthritus so no ida if physio will help but in for a penny in for a pound as mom once said.

So that is that it is 7.05am so just under 2 hours before I sit down and give blood once again perhaps it is because my blood is blue roalty you know and htey want to keep it for prosperity.

good luck on the blood test and hoping the blood sugars will keep in good ranges through out the day

Your getting the treatment huh? But sounds like your coping w/it! Good luck to you!

Keep asking about the intervals between meals. Last week my spouse was in the hosp. and they forgot to give him the blood thinners he needs to avoid stroke. Sometimes it is the case that someone drops the ball on your treatment - be pesky!

That’s pretty scarry that you leg just gives out without warning. Do you know why it does that?